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Priority lead:

What are the key requirements for the safer days and night for all priority?

  • To better manage the Gloucestershire night-time economy, with alcohol related crime and disorder being reduced
  • That everyone should be able to go out to our parks, pubs and streets without fear

How the safer days and night for all priority will be delivered 

This is a brief introduction into how work is developing under ‘Safer days and nights for all’ and if you want more detail, you can find it in what we call the Delivery Plan here.

It is my responsibility on behalf of the PCC to see that the aim of the 'Safer days and nights for all’ priority is fulfilled and that there is less crime and disorder linked to the day and night-time economies of Gloucestershire. We know our county is a good place to live and visit and our goal is to make it even better. We want nights that offer a variety of entertainment to a wide range and mix of people that does not rely on excess alcohol consumption and will also encourage people with disabilities to take part. We also want people to understand how safe our community actually is as anxiety about being a victim of crime can itself impair people’s lives.

Our work links into other relevant other areas of the Police and Crime Plan and we work closely with other key partners to formulate local action plans to build confidence that Gloucestershire is a safe place

Some of the other things we are doing to achieve 'Safer days and nights for all' include: 

  • ensuring that the police maintain a strong and visible focus on dealing with violent crimes committed in public places
  • generating public awareness of the true position in relation to crime and safety across the county to give them a balanced view and, if necessary, know the areas where they might be at risk
  • encouraging initiatives like taxi marshals, street pastors, alcohol free zones or pub watches that make the night-time economy safe
  • engaging with pub and club users to develop a greater awareness of the sort of behaviour that can lead to disorder or violent crime
  • sharing with partners evidence and best practice of how to reduce alcohol-related crime.

You can get a picture of how we are doing from information which is available from the Office of National Statistics. However, like the work being done in the name of the other priorities, this is an ongoing process and although measurable improvements have already been made in some areas, e.g. City Safe and Late Night Levy, others are expected within the four years of the Police and Crime Plan.

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Safer days and nights for all

Priority delivery plan

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Page last updated: 05 July 2018