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Priority lead:


What are the key requirements for the safe and social driving priority?

  • That people are able move around our communities in safety and with as much ease and convenience as possible
  • That the police will enforce the law when necessary, but we will all work to reduce offending and antisocial driving

How the priority lead is going to deliver the safe and social driving priority

This is a brief introduction into how work is developing under ‘Safe and social driving’ and if you want more details, you can find it in what we call the Delivery Plan here.

It is the responsibility of the priority lead to see that the aim of the ‘Safe and social driving’ priority is fulfilled. As the Police and Crime Commissioner has pointed out, it is the only priority where lives are lost. We are dedicated to doing all we can, by working closely with our partners to prevent this from happening.

Our approach is evidence-based and the areas we are targeting include:

  • educating young road users through post 16 education and other agencies
  • prevention work with older road users and our partners
  • innovative and evidence based safe and social driving campaigns
  • intelligence-based tasking and co-ordination of police resources and staff
  • targeted road safety operations in areas of need
  • continuation of a road safety academy which delivers training for our partners and communities

A Safe and Social Driving Coordinator has been appointed to facilitate the delivery of the plan. This involves multi-agency working with our partners, especially colleagues within Fire and Rescue and the police (including the Special Constabulary). The post also has strong working relationships with the voluntary and education sector. The role is to research, create, train and deliver education programmes which are innovative and individualized to our target audiences.

The Safe and Social Driving Coordinator is embedded in the Road Safety Partnership (RSP) that has its base in Fire Service HQ. This role complements the partnership’s overall aim of reducing the number of people being injured on our roads, whether they drive, ride, cycle or walk. The RSP is effective; casualties in Gloucestershire have reduced by 57% during the past 10 years and not only does this remarkable achievement represent almost 10,000 fewer people being injured on our roads, the value of this prevention is nearly £250 million!

I am proud of the work that the RSP delivers and delighted that 'Safe and Social Driving' is an important part of what we all do for the safety of the community we serve.

Safe and social driving

Priority delivery plan

If you would like to read the delivery plan, please click on the icon below

Projects supported under safe and social driving

  • Road Safety Partnership Gloucestershire
    What if we all lived our life making the correct decisions and having the right attitude? A RTC is not inevitable, it is preventable! This project, in the form of a roadshow aims to empower young people to be safe and sociable road users. The audience will be presented with a film, detailing the story of two young men who were involved in a ‘crash’ in the Forest of Dean. They take us on a journey, exploring their emotions and presenting the harsh realities post incident. The funding is for the IT equipment that will enable the project to perform at its optimum level.
  • Gloucestershire Constabulary
    We provide young people aged 6 to 16 years old with a safe, controlled and legal environment to ride mini motos away from the highways and public spaces. We have a warehouse in Gloucester, that is set up to safely use mini motorbikes that would have otherwise been used illegally. We provide the bikes and all the safety equipment needed. The project is managed by 2 PCSO's and operates entirely on community volunteers of which there are 35 official volunteers with 15 at every session. The volunteers age ranges from 18 to over 60 but we do have a number of unofficial volunteers who are children aged from 8 to 16 years old. It also allows partner agencies to work with hard to reach and disadvantaged young people, teaching them the consequences of riding anti socially and also important aspects of road safety.
  • Gloucestershire Constabulary
    To obtain an interactive speed sign for use in the detection of excess speed complaints and in connection with Op Wheeled Respect , Ride for Life.
  • Standish Parish Council
    A feasibility study to explore route options; create a recommended route; take account of landowner negotiations; investigate suitable surface options etc.; cost the implementation of the route; and form the basis for raising the funds needed to take the project forward.
  • Gloucestershire Group of Advanced Motorists
    The project is designed to encourage more people, especially the newer and younger drivers under 25 years of age to develop their driving skills to an advanced level. The aims are to improve road safety, prevent accidents and deaths and injuries, which will be achieved by the increased number of advanced drivers.
Page last updated: 04 July 2018