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Safe & Social Driving Coordinator:
Joanne Arnold

Priority lead:


What are the key requirements for the safe and social driving priority?

  • That people are able move around our communities in safety and with as much ease and convenience as possible
  • That the police will enforce the law when necessary, but we will all work to reduce offending and antisocial driving

How the priority lead is going to deliver the safe and social driving priority

This is a brief introduction into how work is developing under ‘Safe and social driving’ and if you want more details, you can find it in what we call the Delivery Plan here.

It is the responsibility of the priority lead to see that the aim of the ‘Safe and social driving’ priority is fulfilled. As the Police and Crime Commissioner has pointed out, it is the only priority where lives are lost. We are dedicated to doing all we can, by working closely with our partners to prevent this from happening.

Our approach is evidence-based and the areas we are targeting include:

  • educating young road users through post 16 education and other agencies
  • prevention work with older road users and our partners
  • innovative and evidence based safe and social driving campaigns
  • intelligence-based tasking and co-ordination of police resources and staff
  • targeted road safety operations in areas of need
  • continuation of a road safety academy which delivers training for our partners and communities

A Safe and Social Driving Coordinator has been appointed to facilitate the delivery of the plan. This involves multi-agency working with our partners, especially colleagues within Fire and Rescue and the police (including the Special Constabulary). The post also has strong working relationships with the voluntary and education sector. The role is to research, create, train and deliver education programmes which are innovative and individualized to our target audiences.

The Safe and Social Driving Coordinator is a joint position between us based at Police HQ, and the Fire Service in the neighbouring building. This role complements the partnership’s overall aim of reducing the number of people being injured on our roads, whether they drive, ride, cycle or walk. Work in this area over recent years has been effective; casualties in Gloucestershire have reduced by 57% during the past 10 years and not only does this remarkable achievement represent almost 10,000 fewer people being injured on our roads, the value of this prevention is nearly £250 million!

Safe and social driving

Priority delivery plan

If you would like to read the delivery plan, please click on the icon below

Projects supported under safe and social driving

  • Boddington Parish Council
    To reduce the speed at which vehicles travel along this stretch of road: • Gateway improvements with red panels, 30 roundels and SLOW markings • Improve bend signs and replacement of 30 mph repeater sign
  • Ampney Crucis Parish Council
    Installation and periodic rotation of temporary “Slow Down” vehicle activated signs on eastbound and westbound approaches to a dangerous crossroads and double bend on A417 at Ampney Crucis.
  • Road Safety Partnership - RSP
    Drive iQ is an evidence-based, online education platform for novice and young drivers. It provides a virtual experience of driving in town, in the countryside, and in all conditions. It works by accelerating frontal lobe maturation and improves the skills often neglected by young drivers, such as anticipating danger, risk management, emotional response, eye scanning, impulse and being a responsible passenger.
  • Gloucestershire Constabulary
    School parking is always an issue with children's safety being the biggest concern. The pupils will become those enforcing the safety message to parents and members of their community as well as being educated in school to pass on the safety advice. The Mini Coppers will patrol and monitor the situation hopefully having a positive outcome on the situation.
  • Gloucestershire Constabulary & Road Safety Partnership
    To obtain seven interactive speed signs for use in the detection of excess speed complaints throughout the county.
Page last updated: 08 October 2018