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Priority Lead:
Phil Sullivan

Representing the Voluntary sector

What are the key requirements for the older but not overlooked priority?

  • That older people need to feel and remain an active part of our communities whether they live in their own homes or are in residential care
  • That these members of our community should be part of the police beat with the local officer being visible and proactive with all vulnerable groups

How priority lead Phil Sullivan is going to deliver the older by not overlooked priority 

It is my job to make sure older people and vulnerable in our communities are valued and not disregarded.

This is a brief introduction into how work is developing under ‘Older but not Overlooked’ and if you want more detail, you can find it in what we call the Delivery Plan here.

It is my responsibility to see that the aim of the ‘Older but not Overlooked’ priority is fulfilled. Essentially, we will achieve this by ensuring that older people and those who are vulnerable are respected, valued and, where they wish, are able to make a contribution to their community. To help us, we have already developed a network of Voluntary and Community Sector organisations which also includes others like private sector care home providers that have the expertise and a vested interest in contributing towards the delivery plan. Gloucestershire Association for Voluntary and Community Action (GAVCA) is coordinating this consortium to identify the key issues that the plan needs to address, develop initiatives necessary for its success and tie them into relevant other areas of the Police and Crime Plan. GAVCA also plays a key role in helping to make sure that the needs and interests of all potentially marginalised communities are considered throughout the OPCC’s commissioning process.

Some of the other things we are doing include:

  • providing an information channel between the Voluntary Care Sector (VCS) and Police and Crime Plan partners to encourage greater collaboration
  • providing a VCS perspective to inform the strategic development of the Police and Crime Plan
  • using VCS ‘experts’ to advise on commissioning
  • developing the capacity of the VCS to deliver services in support of the Police and Crime Plan
  • consulting with ‘hard to reach’ communities and supporting community engagement to help provide feedback on progress of the Delivery Plan
  • help increase net working of service providers

GAVCA has a database of over 2,500 voluntary and community organisations providing significant information about the 'VCS market'. This is being used to advise and influence commissioning generally throughout the Police and Crime Plan. Voluntary and community sector organisations are using funds provided from the PCC’s budget to lever in additional resources from charitable trusts and other sources and will also provide added value through the involvement of volunteers in their work

Like the work being done in the name of the other priorities, this is an ongoing process and although measurable improvements have already been made in some areas, e.g. Keep Safe, many others are expected within the four years of the Police and Crime Plan

Our aim is to make people more CONFIDENT, CARED FOR AND CONNECTED and consequently reduce fear of crime and the opportunity of being a victim.

Older but not overlooked

Priority delivery plan

If you would like to read the delivery plan, please click on the icon below

Projects supported under older but not overlooked

  • Easy Read Project

    Gloucestershire Voices
    The aim of the project is to 'translate' the existing Hate Crime and Harassment booklet into an easy read format by developing supporting documentation aimed mainly at people with learning disabilities.
  • Cheltenham Together

    Cheltenham West End Partnership
    Cheltenham Together is a group of people from different backgrounds and cultures whose aim is to promote the integration of Cheltenham’s diverse communities in order to promote understanding and reduce tensions. We are working on the premise that when you accept culture you accept people and when you start accepting people you become more tolerant. We intend that the group will use any medium available to bring people together. The group will collectively decide on the direction that activities will take, but the aim of promoting integration will always be the main theme.
  • Creating stronger & more inclusive communities

    Gloucestershire Association for Voluntary & Community Action - GAVCA
    The aim of the project is to support communities, through the voluntary and community organisations and networks to which they belong, to be actively engaged and involved in informing, and delivering, the Police and Crime Plan so that the untapped potential in these communities is harnessed to achieve the PCC’s vision of “less crime and more peace and good order”.
  • Trans-education & support

    The project aims to engage with and educate targeted public services about transgender issues. Public Services need to be approachable, accessible and accountable to trans people and the transcommunity services need to be culturally appropriate.The project will reach out to and welcome in all trans people in the county.
  • Jubilant Stories

    Barnwood Trust
    Jubilant Stories aims to share stories of friends and neighbours coming together to make life better, creating safer, better connected and more welcoming communities. These stories will showcase resident led action across Gloucestershire and offer inspiration to other residents.
Page last updated: 17 February 2017