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Priority Lead:
Phil Sullivan

Representing the Voluntary sector

What are the key requirements for the older but not overlooked priority?

  • That older people need to feel and remain an active part of our communities whether they live in their own homes or are in residential care
  • That these members of our community should be part of the police beat with the local officer being visible and proactive with all vulnerable groups

How priority lead Phil Sullivan is going to deliver the older by not overlooked priority 

It is my job to make sure older people and vulnerable in our communities are valued and not disregarded.

This is a brief introduction into how work is developing under ‘Older but not Overlooked’ and if you want more detail, you can find it in what we call the Delivery Plan here.

Already, there is a network of voluntary and community sector organisations and providers that have the expertise and a vested interest in contributing towards the delivery plan. The aim is to make older or vulnerable people in this county feel more confident, cared about & connected. In this way, people will become more resilient to crime & the fear of crime.

Some of the things we are doing include:

  • Providing an information channel between the Voluntary Sector (VS) and Police and Crime Plan partners to encourage greater collaboration
  • Providing a VS perspective to inform the strategic development of the Police and Crime Plan
  • Developing the capacity of the VS to deliver services in support of the Police and Crime Plan
  • Consulting with ‘hard to reach’ communities and supporting community engagement to help provide feedback on the progress of the Delivery Plan
  • Helping increase networking of service providers through such avenues as Gloucestershire Neighbourhood Watch Association  which continues to develop Neighbourhood Watch in partnership with the Police Service.
  • The County Hate Crime and Incident Group continues to work in partnership to provide greater support to victims of hate crime and Incidents
  • Support the delivery of services to those suffering from dementia
  • Support Dementia friendly Communities
  • Support Gloucestershire Older Peoples Association
  • Cyber Crime and older and vulnerable people and       VS
  • Continue to support PCSO’s making regular contact with organisations that are supporting older  and vulnerable people
  • Inter-generational work with Gloucestershire Constabulary Police Cadets

Voluntary and community sector organisations are helped by funds provided from the PCC’s office to work on these issues that help make people less fearful of crime and less likely to become victims. In turn, that endorsement of activity by the PCC helps to lever in  additional funds  from elsewhere , and  also provides added value through the involvement of volunteers in their work

 The work being done is an on-going process and although measurable improvements have already been made in areas such as “Keep Safe”,  where over a 1000 organisations are signed up, there are others expected in the future life span of the Police and Crime Plan.

Our aim is to make people more CONFIDENT, CARED-FOR AND CONNECTED and consequently reduce fear of crime and the opportunity of being a victim.

Older but not overlooked

Priority delivery plan

If you would like to read the delivery plan, please click on the icon below

Projects supported under older but not overlooked

  • Age UK Gloucestershire
    Age UK Gloucestershire's Ageing Well Group will work with a professional actor to produce a series of role play sketches, highlighting different types of scams and illustrating how easy it is to become a victim. Current ideas include role playing telephone scams, doorstep scams and banking/PIN number scams. The group will work with an actor for 6 weeks in their normal group meetings and will then role play these sketches to other groups of older people across the county in a roadshow type activity. We propose one production in each district initially and will therefore raise awareness amongst many older people right across the county. The sketches will ensure a serious issue is raised in a lighthearted way but will have a meaningful impact amongst older people as they are delivered by older people themselves.
  • Cainscross Parish Council
    Phase one, the Rugby changing rooms cost £270,000 and is already complete. The Pavilion is phase two. It is currently in a poor state of repair and neglect. We have an ambitious plan to rebuild so that it can become a community hub. Intended outcomes • Victory Park Pavilion will become a “go to” meeting place. • The number of people participating in sporting activities will increase. • New and exciting activities will launch, based on the needs that were highlighted in the community consultations. • Members of the local community will tell us that they feel happier and safer. • More people will begin to use the surrounding park area, as it is transformed.
  • World Jungle
    The Full of Life project aims to deliver a coordinated and sustainable approach to tackle issues around isolation and loneliness and to minimise vulnerability in the ‘over 60s’ demographic group in the Severn Vale Area (including Cam, Dursley, Wotton and Berkeley). It specifically aims to reduce crime, reduce the fear of crime and reduce the likelihood of a member of this group becoming a victim of crime.
  • Churn project
    The principal aim of the programme is to ensure that local older people (aged 50+) feel valued, safe, supported and well-integrated into their community. We will focus on: • reducing feelings of isolation • protecting peace of mind by addressing the things that make people anxious or insecure in their home or in their community • improving skills and confidence to help people retain control of their lives for as long as possible • developing volunteering opportunities to support people into a purposeful retirement The funding will be used towards keeping open our Tuesday Friendship Club
  • Gloucestershire Constabulary & Kingfisher Church
    The Constabulary in partnership with OPCC host variety shows at Police HQ Waterwells, for young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities three time per year.
Page last updated: 10 January 2018