• Software update the cause of response delays
  • Commissioner says problem ‘frustrating’ but 101 service has improved
  • 8 out of 10 calls to 101 answered within 40 seconds
  • 101 email service an alternative method

An investigation into complaints from the public over the 101 non-emergency police phone line has revealed problems with a software update are to blame.

Issues with the crime reporting number were brought to the Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl’s attention via messages from the public on his website.

Some callers waited over 20 minutes for their call to be answered, others were re-directed to a defunct voicemail facility or cut off completely.

Mr Surl said,

“When I asked to the Constabulary’s IT department and our system provider to investigate, they identified a recent software update as the cause of the problem.

“It’s very frustrating as a lot of effort and resources have gone into improving the 101 service from where it was when I took office. Then, fewer than half the callers had a response within the national standard of 40”, now eight out of ten 101 calls are answered within that limit and I would like to apologise to those people who did not receive that service.

“In the meantime I would urge everyone whose inquiry is not urgent to make use of our 101 email service. Not only will you get a reply within 4 to 8 hours you’re guaranteed a considered, written response”.

To report a non-emergency crime by email use the following address: 101@gloucestershire.police.uk