Parents in Gloucestershire are being asked if their children know how to be safe on our roads.

The campaign is part of Child Safety Week 2020, and comes from Child Friendly Gloucestershire – a group of leaders and young people in Gloucestershire working with the aim to make the city a better place for young people to live and grow. The project is supported by Gloucestershire’s OPCC, supporting one of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s policing priorities: Young People Becoming Adults.

Child Friendly Gloucestershire is encouraging all parents to have a conversation with their children about the dangers of our roads, a call being supported by the Chief Constable of Gloucestershire and Child Friendly Gloucestershire member, Rod Hansen.

Mr Hansen says there are some simple steps people can take to help reduce the risk:

“Nationally, the statistics show that children find it difficult to judge the speed and distance of traffic until there are at least eight.  We can help younger children by getting them into the habit of holding our hand or using walking reins when we’re out and about.

“For older children, walk their regular journeys with them a few times to help them practice.  Point out the dangers and the safest places to cross.  We can’t always be there as they get older but we can help build strong foundations for them.”

Locally, the figures show that a child hasn’t died on the county’s roads sine 2016, but Mr Hansen says we shouldn’t be complacent, nor do we want to be.

“It only takes a moment for everything to change and children are still being seriously hurt on our roads: more than 75 in the last five years.

“Children learn from watching grown-ups so if we can set a good example, they will naturally follow our lead.”

It comes as children across the county are telling it’s leaders they need more safe and affordable transport.

According to the latest feedback from the survey being run by Child Friendly Gloucestershire, young people would like more frequent, cleaner and cheaper transport, especially in rural parts of the county.

Chair of Child Friendly Gloucestershire, Dame Janet Trotter says it is this very feedback which can initiate change.

“The comments we are receiving from young people in Gloucestershire are fantastic.  They are insightful and are helping us build a clearer picture about the county they want to grow up in.  I would encourage every young person to take part in this survey and help shape the decisions being made right now.”