Targeting the causes of crime

Targeting the causes of crime

I want to make sure that victims are at the centre of this plan. This commitment includes the identification, protection and support of those people who are at the greatest risk of becoming victims of crime, or indeed victims of criminalisation.

A focus on vulnerability and victimisation must include focusing on those crimes that are disproportionately suffered by particular groups. Offences here include domestic abuse, hate crime, sexual offences, Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Criminal Exploitation and modern day slavery. This also includes those at most risk of radicalisation and I therefore commit to support the ongoing work of the Channel and Prevent programmes.

National Beating Crime Plan

I am pleased to see that the national Beating Crime Plan includes the specific ambition to expose hidden harms and perpetrators of these types of offences, and I will do all that I can to raise awareness in communities and schools about risk and prevention, working with partners to find solutions and improve the criminal justice outcomes for all. I will therefore use my position to hold the Chief Constable to account and ensure Victims’ Code compliance for all Criminal Justice
agencies through the LCJB, as well as ensuring investigative excellence, proper victim and witness support and, ultimately, more convictions.

The Government’s Beating Crime Plan specifically mentions the harm caused by cyber-crime – something that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We know locally that some of our older communities were particularly victimised during the pandemic and I am encouraged by the proactive response from the Constabulary to this. We also know that the risk of victimisation among children from online bullying, grooming, sexting and identity theft is contributing to a growing concern about the mental health of our nation’s young people.

Tackling scams was one of the key manifesto challenges I set myself and the Constabulary, so I  fully support the national and local prioritisation of tackling cybercrime to help reduce further victimisation. During my time in office, I will back the ongoing efforts by the Constabulary to tackle all forms of cybercrime in support of the Government’s Serious and Organised Crime Strategy and the relentless effort to prevent crime and protect communities.

How we will deliver

Improving our services Providing resources Listening to people and, in particular, victims
/ survivors
Broaden our understanding
Evaluating policies, practices and performance to ensure that we are constantly improving the way we work to provide local services that the public have confidence in. This should include providing additional support for those with vulnerabilities during their journey through the criminal justice system, and listening to the experiences of vulnerable people to improve the support that we offer Supporting and resourcing community initiatives that divert people away from criminal behaviour, particularly supporting children, and helping to build safer and stronger local communities Understanding experiences and using them to improve agency knowledge, policies, practices and contracts Working with all sectors including researchers and commissioned specialists to deepen our understanding of the factors that increase the risk and vulnerability of individuals and communities
Working together Preventing and intervening earlier Improving our services
Encouraging statutory and non-statutory partners to work together to develop and strengthen our collective safeguarding efforts whether with regards to victimisation or criminalisation Exploring evidence-based initiatives and opportunities to safeguard vulnerable people at the earliest opportunity and – if necessary – create, commission, or promote pathways of support to agencies who can help though the Commissioner’s Fund Identifying and sharing good practice across local and regional partner organisations, to improve our overall
response and engender confidence in the whole system


The Commissioner’s Fund

Here in Gloucestershire, PCC Martin Surl allocates 1% of the overall policing budget to the Commissioner’s Fund, which supports county-based projects that deliver one or more of our priorities. Our aim is to work directly with communities to make Gloucestershire safer.

About the fund

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