Safer days and nights for all

Priority lead: Jon McGinty

Organisation: Gloucester City Council

Gloucestershire has a strong night-time economy, but we need to reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder so that everyone can enjoy our parks, pubs and streets without fear.

Jon McGinty
opcc branding icon To better manage the Gloucestershire night-time economy, reducing alcohol related crime and disorder
opcc branding icon Everyone should be able to go out to our parks, pubs and streets without fear

“Gloucestershire is a good place to be and our goal is to make it even better, with safer nights out, offering entertainment to a wide range of people. We know that fear of crime can impact people’s ability to go out and we make people feel safer.”

We need to see (and experience) less crime and disorder linked to the day and night-time economies of Gloucestershire. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to anti-social behaviour and crime, making some residents and visitors afraid to go out. We want everyone to feel safe enough to enjoy our county, without the fear of crime or victimisation.

We can’t do this alone and partnerships are key to developing initiatives already in place, such as taxi marshals, street pastors, alcohol free zones and pub watch. All of these schemes help to make the night-time economy safe.

We can measure this priority with data from the Office of National Statistics and the success of schemes such as City Safe and the Late Night Levy.

Our commitments include:

  • Ensuring that the police maintain a strong and visible focus on dealing with violent crimes committed in public places
  • Engaging with pub and club users to develop a greater awareness of the sort of behaviour that can lead to disorder or violent crime
  • Making sure everybody understands that most nights out are safe; and providing accurate information on areas of risk

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The Commissioner’s Fund

Here in Gloucestershire, PCC Martin Surl allocates 1% of the overall policing budget to the Commissioner’s Fund, which supports county-based projects that deliver one or more of our priorities. Our aim is to work directly with communities to make Gloucestershire safer.

About the fund

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