Safer cyber

Priority lead: Alan Johnson

Organisation: Principal, Newent Community School

Educating children about how to stay safe in a connected world is something that must start at a young age. All schools have a significant part to play in keeping young people safe online.

Alan Johnson
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“Internet crimes are increasing, from online bullying, to fraud and cybercrime. As technology continues to change, we are fully committed to combatting the problem and making Gloucestershire a safer place to live, work and do business.”

With an ever increasing digitally connected and reliant society, those who would seek to cause distress or harm to others are using the internet as a mechanism to commit crimes. Crimes range from online bullying and abusive behaviour using social media, to sophisticated ransomware and online fraud.

A key partner in our approach is the Gloucestershire Safer Cyber Forum (GSCF), established in 2015 by Gloucestershire Constabulary to provide a way to discuss and monitor public and business cyber safety.

Technology is always moving on and criminals are become more sophisticated in the way they commit crimes. To keep up, we are always reviewing our priorities as part of this action area providing the best possible protection against emerging cyber threats. We have already had many successes.

Our commitments include:

  • Enhanced specialist capabilities for tackling cyber crime
  • Strong collaboration with industry to help keep ahead of emerging threats
  • Effective engagement with communities around harm reduction and education
  • Strong links with academia for research and education

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The Commissioner’s Fund

Here in Gloucestershire, PCC Martin Surl allocates 1% of the overall policing budget to the Commissioner’s Fund, which supports county-based projects that deliver one or more of our priorities. Our aim is to work directly with communities to make Gloucestershire safer.

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