Martin Surl’s new Police and Crime Plan has been released for 2020/21.


In 2012 when I was first elected, I wrote my first Police & Crime Plan. This latest version builds on the great work achieved over the past eight years. At its heart is the voice and thoughts of the public, by whom I am elected to represent. It has been written in recognition of these unprecedented times. Now, as we adjust to the harshest and most severe peacetime crisis in living memory, our ability and need to adapt
is greater than ever. This plan sets out my vision for Gloucestershire Constabulary.

It is how I see community safety being delivered in partnership with other agencies and local communities, across the county. The role of Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and my office is not about directing operational activity – that is for the Chief Constable and the Constabulary’s Corporate Strategy to outline.

This document is about setting the overarching direction and aspirations for policing and community safety in our county.

Download the Police and Crime Plan below

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