• Gloucestershire Constabulary is looking for new staff to become detention officers
  • The role has seen some improvements to welfare and job progression now that the position is managed in-house
  • The OPCC worked with the Constabulary to ensure the role provided better employee benefits as part of its commitment to looking after staff welfare

Gloucestershire Constabulary is looking for new recruits to become detention officers at the Force’s custody block, Compass House. The recruitment drive follows changes to the way the role is contracted, meaning it now comes with police-led training, wellbeing support and improved employee benefits.

The high-intensity job involves staff checking on the welfare of detainees, observing them during their stay in custody, taking biometric readings, body searches, feeding, supervising wash facilities, and chaperoning to and from interviews.

Previously, a series of private companies managed the staffing in Compass House, but with each new contract takeover, staff received different levels of salary, sick pay and holiday. This led to high staff turnover and financial discrepancies for some staff required to self-isolate without pay.

However, as of 1 April 2021, Gloucestershire Constabulary brought the contract back in-house. The twenty-nine existing detention officers became police staff, employed by Gloucestershire Constabulary. This change means current and future detention officers have access to full line-management and training to allow them to progress within a career at the constabulary. They also have access to the Force’s wellbeing, HR and support services; and improved employee benefits such as annual leave and sick pay.

Chief Inspector of Custody, Andy Kilmurray said: “This change was a joint decision between the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Constabulary. We really care about the people who work with us, and believe in providing supportive leadership and wellbeing to all of our staff.


cell block within a custody building in Gloucestershire
Compass House custody block in Gloucestershire

“These changes will allow detention officers to take advantage of further training opportunities within the Force, giving them the skills to manage staff and progress further in the constabulary – something they didn’t have support with previously. We’re excited to welcome new members into this team.”

The Constabulary has released a video about the role to encourage potential candidates to apply. It explains more about what it means to be a detention officer in Gloucestershire and is available to view HERE [insert link]

To apply for the role visit gloucestershire.police.uk/careers/