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Police and Crime Plan Priorities

The OPCC exists to make sure that policing is accessible and accountable to the people of Gloucestershire and that residents have an opportunity to shape policing priorities.

Six priorities form the basis of the Police and Crime Plan, which is our commitment to building safer communities. Working with partners and communities, we will make Gloucestershire a safer place to live, work and visit.

Safer Gloucestershire

Safer Gloucestershire is a body developed to enhance public safety in Gloucestershire. It calls on the expertise and leadership of senior managers from a range of agencies across the county. Their job is to anticipate potentially dangerous or harmful situations and plan solutions should they arise.

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A green and pleasant county (A compassionate approach)

We are taking action to operate in as responsible and sustainable way as possible. This priority also reflects our respect for all animals - domestic, farm and wild. It establishes a ‘compassionate approach’ to all animals, which is fundamental to our way of life.

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Safe and social roads

The ethos of safe and social roads is the ability to move around our communities in safety and with as much ease and convenience as possible; respecting other road users, cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians, encouraging people to walk and cycle in a safe and attractive environment and reducing air pollution wherever possible.

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Safer days and nights

Gloucestershire has a strong night-time economy, but we need to reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder so that everyone can enjoy our parks, pubs and streets without fear.

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Young people becoming adults

We need sensitive, relevant and effective policing to ensure our young people become law-abiding, productive members of society. The ‘system’ must work for them, not against them.

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Older but not overlooked

This priority is about our commitment to older people, whether they live in their own homes, with family or are in residential care. We want older people to feel and remain an active part of our communities here in Gloucestershire.

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Every crime matters, every contact counts

Gloucestershire is one of the safest places in the country in which to live and, for the vast majority of us, contact with the police is a rare occurrence. It is my expectation that should the Constabulary be called upon however, it will strive to understand and meet the reasonable expectations of local residents.

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The Commissioner’s Fund

Here in Gloucestershire, PCC Martin Surl allocates 1% of the overall policing budget to the Commissioner’s Fund, which supports county-based projects that deliver one or more of our priorities. Our aim is to work directly with communities to make Gloucestershire safer.

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