• Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Chris Nelson today explains how he will provide the Constabulary with another 300 officers
  • There will also be more call handlers to improve 999/101 response and more investigators brought-in to provide front-line support alongside 150 more Special Constables
  • The far reaching proposals also include a massive expansion of Neighbourhood Watch and Your Community Alerts messaging system, plus a passionate call for young people to get more involved with the police and their communities
  • Mr. Nelson described it as a ‘landmark day’ in his pledge to make Gloucestershire the safest place in the country.

It was the cornerstone of Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Chris Nelson’s election campaign. Today, he explains how he plans to provide more police to fight crime in Gloucestershire.

 It is the first big step in an ambitious three year plan to fulfil the PCC’s manifesto pledge to recruit an extra 300 officers, the equivalent of a 26% increase in policing strength.


Today’s announcement is the culmination of a detailed review of the police budget, which began on Mr. Nelson’s first day in office. It follows a series of meetings with Chief Officers to balance what the Constabulary could afford, what it needed to improve its service to the public and to deliver manifesto pledges that will form the basis of the PCC’s Police and Crime Plan, which is currently being finalised.

Recruitment will include a combination of officers and staff as follows:

  • 150 Police officers
  • 50 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs)
  • 103 Police staff (to include call handlers and investigators)
  • 150 Special Constables/volunteer PCSOs

Of those 150 police officers, 50 officers will be paid for by the Constabulary, another 100 are due to be recruited and trained as part of the Government funded uplift programme. The PCC also aims to expand its Special Constabulary and create a new role for volunteer PCSOs. They, and the extra police staff, will all be funded by the Constabulary.

More than 100 call handlers, investigators and other staff, whose job is to provide excellent service to victims of crime, will also be brought in to support the uniformed officers. This investment in staff is all about providing a better service to the public, with a more comprehensive focus on the care of victims, leading to a faster and more effective response when dealing with crime.

“A landmark day in my mission to make
Gloucestershire the safest place in the country”

The PCC’s far-reaching proposals also include a massive expansion of Neighbourhood Watch and the free public messaging system Your Community Alerts, which allows residents, businesses and community groups to get in touch with each other and receive up to date information from the Police. Young people will also be encouraged to get involved in groups like Police Cadets, Police Cubs and Mini Police through the Citizens in Policing movement, in which volunteers give up their time to support policing in their communities.

Mr. Nelson said, “This is a landmark day in my mission to make Gloucestershire the safest place in the country.

“The public told me what they want – to see more police in their neighbourhood, less anti-social behaviour on their streets and a quicker response when they call the police, and it was my election promise to ensure all that happens on their behalf.

“It has taken a lot of hard work by many people in both the Constabulary and my office to find the budget to provide the resources. This level of extra resources should have a transformational impact and it is now up to the police to produce the results the public are entitled to expect”.

“Our mission is to keep people safe from harm”

Chief Constable Rod Hansen said: “I welcome this announcement and the flexibility it gives us to help make Gloucestershire an even safer place to live.

“For a number of months, we have been working on how best we can deliver the PCC’s manifesto pledges and tackle some long standing organisational challenges, and I would like to thank everyone involved.

“This proposed growth will not only enable us to strengthen the front line with more deployable staff, but will also help relieve pressures in a number of areas, including the Force Control Room – allowing us to respond to requests for help more quickly and effectively and, improve our ability to record crime and investigate it in a more timely and thorough way.

“Our mission is to keep people safe from harm and our ambition with this mix of police officers, PCSOs, police staff, the Special Constabulary and our other volunteers is to manage demand more effectively and increase visibility in our communities.”