Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl has asked the Constabulary to be sure to pay its providers promptly – and he’s calling-on other PCCs to do the same.

Mr. Surl, who is vice chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) has stressed to all its members the importance of supporting their local businesses who may be struggling due to the economic effects of Corona Virus.

Mr Surl said, “I have been very impressed to see how communities are beginning to support each other and making sure our service providers are paid on time is another way the police can play its part.

“I understand that many small businesses in particular will be facing problems over their cash flow. The Constabulary has assured me that all verified invoices will be paid on receipt irrespective of previous agreed terms.

“I hope this will be one less worry for those who provide services to the police”.

In a video message released yesterday, the PCC also promised continued support to other local organisations who make an important contribution to his police and crime plan.

“The voluntary and community sector is something we have always championed in the OPCC. They are our best partners and this is a particularly testing time for them, many of whom we have important links with through the Commissioner’s Fund.

“My office will do all it can, not only to support them through this difficult period but also when we come out the other end whenever that is”.