• Gloucestershire Police staff will receive an equivalent pay award to uniformed officers
  • Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Martin Surl’s pledge follows the Government’s decision to lift the public sector pay cap
  • Government say uniformed officers will get a 1% increase on basic pay plus a 1% one off bonus
  •  PCC says he hopes the Government treat police staff the same and promises to make up any shortfall

All Gloucestershire Police staff will receive an equivalent pay award to uniformed officers, Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl said today.

The announcement follows the Government’s decision to lift the public sector pay cap and increase police officers’ basic pay by 1% with a further 1% one off bonus.

All other Constabulary employees such as PCSOs, scenes of crime officers, ICT and other staff are expected to receive a similar rise in basic pay, the bonus element is less certain.

“It won’t change anyone’s lives, but this about fairness and equality”, said Mr. Surl

Mr. Surl said the possibility of diverse sections of the workforce being treated differently was unfair and has pledged to underwrite any shortfall.

He said, “This is all about equality and fairness. We hope the Government values the huge contribution made by all police staff and will reward them equally. If not, I will make up any discrepancy

“At a time when the police are under increasing pressure, the Chief Constable and I agree that officers and staff, who do important work whether they are in an office or on the front line, should be recognised alike.

“To do otherwise would be potentially divisive and could damage morale which is already being tested by an ever-expanding workload borne by a diminishing workforce”

PCSOs, Scenes of Crime Officers and all other civilian staff will benefit

Public sector pay was frozen for two years in 2010, except for those earning less than £21,000 a year. Rises have been capped at 1% – below the rate of inflation – since 2013 and the cap was due to remain in place until 2020.

The Government signalled an end to that policy last week but PCCs have been told they must meet the increases out of their existing budgets or from reserves.

The cost of paying all Gloucestershire Police Staff the 1% non-consolidated bonus payment that has been agreed for officers would be £236k and will be spread across two financial years – £138k during 2017/18; £98k in 2018/19.

Any award will be back dated to 1 September.


The Police and Crime Commissioner met Home Secretary Amber Rudd during a recent visit to Stroud

Mr. Surl said, “We had already accounted for a 1% percent in salaries next year and all PCCs have been told by the Home Office we must dip into our reserves if necessary.

“Gloucestershire has a general reserve which, on Government advice, equates to 5% of the annual budget. This will bring it down to 4.75% but as the money is already in reserve, it will have no impact on council tax payers or the day to day running of the police.

“The rest of the Constabulary’s reserves are earmarked for long term investment such as new equipment, vehicles and technology”.  

Any pay award will be back-dated to 1 September