They will be rolling out the red carpet at Tutshill Primary School in Chepstow when Gloucestershire Constabulary’s Colin the Crocodile Cop premieres his sharp new look.

Colin’s snappy new makeover will be seen for the first time when he launches the first ‘Thank You For Keeping Me Safe’ event in the county for 2015. (Monday 23rd February)

The event is part of the School Gate Campaign which aims to educate parents and carers about keeping children safe on the school run.

Colin has proved a big hit in getting the road safety message across to primary school children and parents in other parts of the county. Gloucestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl who will also be there said,

“The school run is a necessary but hazardous time of the day for all involved. Drivers who park at the school gate without thought or consideration for anyone else put their children and everyone else’s children at risk.

“Colin the Crocodile has proved very successful in getting that message across to kids and there’s no one better than them to influence their parents.”

‘Thank You For Keeping Me Safe’ is a joint campaign between Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership, Gloucestershire Constabulary and the Police and Crime Commissioner who is funding it over three years.

PCSO Natalie Lang said,

‘Colin the Crocodile Copper is a fantastic way to engage with the children and educate them about road safety generally and parking at the school gates in particular. The children then tell their parents what the rules are on parking near the school.

“We will continue to visit the school for six weeks offering a rolling programme of safety activities for the children. This really helps get the message home.’