The Police and Crime Panel is a joint body, made up of representatives from the seven local authorities across Gloucestershire which make up the police area and are served by the Constabulary.

Its function is to review and scrutinise decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner. It has a duty to support, as well as challenge, the commissioner and in certain circumstances has the power of veto. The panel must be politically balanced across the force area and for that reason, top-up members have been added taking the total to 16 councillors and 2 independent non-elected members, though one of those positions is still vacant.  As the host local authority, Gloucestershire County Council provides administrative and other support to the panel and its members.

The Panel is comprised as follows:

Cllr Will Windsor-Clive  (Chairman, Con) 

Cllr Julian Beale  (Con)

Cllr Ray Brassington   (Lib Dem)

Cllr David Brown  (Lib Dem) 

Cllr Gerald Dee  (Con)

Cllr Collette Finnegan   (Con)

Cllr Rob Garnham  (Con)

Cllr Colin Hay  (Lib Dem)

Cllr Bruce Hogan   (Lab)

Cllr Helena McCloskey   (Lib Dem)

Cllr Karen McKeown  (Lab)

Cllr Chris Nelson  (Con)

Cllr Loraine Vivienne Patrick  (Con)

Cllr Keith Pearson   (Con)

Cllr Steve Robinson  (Lab)

Cllr Brian Tipper  (Con)

Martin Smith   (Independent)

At its first meeting since the local authority elections in May, the Panel welcomed new members and elected a new chairman, county councillor Will Windsor-Clive. It questioned the Commissioner on a range of issues including crime trends, child protection, collaboration with the fire service, the Commissioner’s Fund and the delivery of the Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan.

Police and Crime Panel meetings are held at Shire Hall