Ambitious plans to redevelop the Blackfriars area of Gloucester are on track as a final deal for the future of the city’s central police station has been agreed.

  • Bearland station to have improved public reception area
  • Optimal location between historic centre and regenerated docks
  • Commissioner says it’s the best solution for all 
Gloucester Central Police Station at Bearland

Gloucestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl signed the deal to release the Constabulary’s 230 year lease on the building in Bearland this week. The central police station currently forms part of the Shire Hall complex in the city centre and is leased from the county council which owns the building.

As part of the Blackfriars regeneration it is planned to demolish Shire Hall’s Quayside House. The vast majority of the space at Bearlands will now be used by county council staff relocating from Quayside, the Police are committed to keeping a reception facility at Bearland and as a deployment base for staff to patrol the City. Improvement work will take place in the reception area, to make it accessible and inviting to the public who need to access police services

This will allow the council to give the Bearland office block a facelift including a new façade and roof mounted solar panels. The work is likely to start in September.

There will be a new reception area for the public

Councillor Mark Hawthorne, Leader of Gloucestershire County Council said,

“I’m really pleased that this deal has been agreed today. It really is a ‘win win’ situation for both the council and the police.  It means we can move forward with our plans for the Bearland block, with the Shire Hall complex forming a key part of the Blackfriars quarter of the city.

“The county council’s presence at Shire Hall is really important for the city centre economy and this deal allows us to ensure that Shire Hall staff can be accommodated and we can freshen up the Bearlands block as part of the regeneration.”

Mr. Surl said,

“The Blackfriars regeneration is important for Gloucester and so is maintaining a police presence in the heart of the city. Bearland stands between the historic centre and the regenerated docks and is in an optimal position from which to police the late night economy.

“I am pleased to have been able to agree a deal whereby I have released the county council from the lease. It is a solution that suits all parties concerned and the public as well. Maintaining a high profile in Bearland should reassure people who live and work in the centre”.

The police had also considered taking over the former county council day care centre in Hatherley Road, Tredworth but following further careful assessment and evaluation, it has been decided that location wouldn`t be operationally effective.

Instead, the Constabulary’s response and neighbourhood teams, that were based at Bearland, have been reshaped and redeployed to Bamfurlong and Barton Street respectively.

Facelift will include new façade and roof mounted solar panels