The Police and Crime Commissioner committed in his manifesto to provide a forum made up of members of the public to provide their views on key policies and appointments.

They are members of the public who volunteer their time to attend quarterly meetings to discuss work of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) and to provide open and honest feedback to the PCC, acting as community consultation and provides feedback on the Police and Crime plan and its implementation.

Members are invited to attend from a variety of sectors, including schools, voluntary and media, and topics discussed vary from how best to support and improve services for vulnerable children in the county, to internal (OPCC) staff appointments and can include how the Constabulary tackles issues such as diversity.

The Forum has an independent chair and agreed their Terms of Reference with a description to:

“…Act as a source of information, advice and ideas to the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and to Gloucestershire Constabulary by providing feedback to the Commissioner and the Constabulary regarding the …Police and Crime Plan and its implementation in Gloucestershire.”

The meetings are not held in public to ensure and encourage open and honest discourse, including challenge where necessary, in a safe environment for members as they are there to represent their own views and not those of their employer.  However, it has been agreed that a summary of these meetings will be published in order to be transparent about what is discussed.  These are listed below and will be published as soon as they have been agreed at the following meeting.

Meeting Summaries: