Organisation: The Nelson Trust – Sex Worker Outreach Project


Email Address:

Project name: Sex Worker Outreach Project

Priority Type: Safe days and nights for all

Total Investment: 10000.00

Awarded: 2019/2020, 2020/2021

Location: Gloucester

About the project:

This project provides coordination for 2 staff and 25 volunteers to support over 40 women engaged in street sex working in the Centre of Gloucester. This funding will contribute towards the salary of our SWOP Coordinator who communicates with all of our partner agencies and develops the schedule of drop-in and outreach events across Gloucestershire. SWOP provides drop-in sessions, outreach nights, and individualised care plans to street sex workers who are entrenched in disadvantage and stigmatised by society. , We make initial contact through outreach nights where we provide women with hot drinks, STI kits, sanitary items, and personal alarms. Our keyworkers and SWOP Coordinator get to know women and invite them to drop-ins where they can access further resources, have a hot meal, and pick up SIM cards, winter clothes, and toiletries. Attending a drop-in is the first step towards exiting sex working. Women who engage develop a personalised care plan with a designated keyworker who will advocate for them and assist in registering with a GP to address health issues, find suitable accommodation, manage debts and benefits, and address drug and alcohol issues.