Organisation: Tewkesbury Borough Council

Project name: Tewkesbury Borough Community Safety Partnership

Priority Type: Accessibility and accountability

Total Investment: 30000.00

Awarded: 2019/2020, 2020/2021

Location: Tewkesbury

About the project:

This project aims to develop a partnership anti-social behaviour database. Currently the partners of the Tewkesbury Borough CSP have no methodology for collating and sharing information on anti-social behaviour (ASB). The funding for this project is being used to investigate and potentially develop or procure an online system for reporting and monitoring of ASB whereby both members of the public and partners can report ASB. Partners will be able to interrogate the system in order to identify ASB hotspots, longer term problems and target resources to resolve the problem. Phase 2 of this project will see further work to establish if this is something that could be shared Countywide. The money will be used to carry out national research into good practice for systems such as described above and consider what works well elsewhere. It will also consider whether developing a bespoke system or purchasing an off the shelf system is the better option.