Organisation: Solace (Cheltenham Borough Council)

Project name: Solace

Priority Type: Creating Safer Communities

Total Investment: 42890.00

Awarded: 2022/2023, 2023/2024

Location: Countywide

About the project:

At the current time Solace has an existing set of aims and objectives as described above and the work which we undertake is described below: On top of the aims and objectives set out above, we have an important and highlighted role in assisting in disrupting organised crime groups (OCG) and organised criminality. This has been demonstrated by us quickly gaining some extensive and wide reaching conditions on injunctions as a result of violent incidents within communities, whereby people may have been too frightened to support criminal matters, but our extensive knowledge of the use of civil legislation has quickly yielded some strong results. One area where we also have a large role to play, is ASB within our town and city centres. In both urban areas there is a level of ASB associated with those more complex in nature people within our communities with a strong link to ASB from those begging, pretending to be homeless and ASB from levels of addiction.