Organisation: Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust


Project name: Drop In Garden

Priority Type: Young people becoming adults

Total Investment: 5000.00

Awarded: 2019/2020

Location: Cheltenham

About the project:

Our Drop In Garden project will take a neglected park in a heavily industrialised area and work with the local deprived communities in the St Paul's and Moors area of Cheltenham to create an accessible haven for all and a teaching area for wildlife gardening. Together with volunteers from the local community, we will co-develop a plan for the underused local park to create an accessible haven for local people and wildlife. We will work with volunteers ranging from young people to older people from the local community, to provide opportunities for all whilst encouraging inter-generational interaction which will help develop relationships and reduce stigma and stereotyping to help bring the community together. This will help to improve the perceived safety of the area. We will reduce the likelihood of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity by converting the park into a haven for all.