Organisation: Gloucestershire Outward Bound Association

Project name: Gloucestershire Constabulary Outward Bound Bursary Scheme

Priority Type: Creating Safer Communities

Total Investment: 5000.00

Awarded: 2022/2023, 2023/2024

Location: Countywide

About the project:

The aims and objectives of the project are: To provide an opportunity for young people to develop their potential through self-worth, new focus, self-awareness, personal responsibility and confidence. Recognise the positive contribution of young people in their communities, allow them to enjoy and experience real adventures. Improve the Young Peoples' ability to work with others from different backgrounds and therefore improve their employability. By having two Police Staff attached to the scheme to foster a positive perception of the police to improve trust and respect of each other. A development opportunity for police staff to organise, supervise and engage with young people