Organisation: Gloucestershire Counselling Service

Project name: Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Priority Type: Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls

Total Investment: 10000.00

Awarded: 2022/2023, 2023/2024

Location: Countywide

About the project:

The project aims to create a fund specifically to support victims of domestic and sexual violence to have high-quality care, supporting them to talk about what has happened to them and begin to re-build their lives. The project aims to provide support for victims in crisis, providing a safe confidential and neutral space, outside whatever home life dynamic they are existing in, to process emotions relating to their current situation, working with highly experienced councillors. We will provide a vital release for anxiety and depression whilst supporting the development of resilience and coping mechanisms so that our clients can have the best chance of surviving. Support will lower the potential risk of increased suicides, domestic breakdown, child abuse and life limiting chaos. This project will support individuals to better connect with people and communities around them