Organisation: Gloucester City Football Club


Project name: Community Tigers

Priority Type: Young people becoming adults

Total Investment: 16000.00

Awarded: 2017/2018

Location: Gloucester

About the project:

Community Tigers aims to provide a safe place for participants to take place in sport instead of hanging around in the streets causing anti-social behaviour. It will provide a safe environment for the community and for participants, both during the day and during the evening. There will be positive role models for young people so that they have someone to look up to. Community Tigers wants to show participants a positive pathway, using prison mentors to tell their stories on how one decision can change your life as the prison mentors have experienced the negative pathway. Target areas will be hotspots of crime ratings. Using physical activity to have a positive impact to the participants lives. Get messages through to young people including internet safety, drug and alcohol use, driving safely, personal safety and sexual exploitation.