Organisation: GayGlos

Project name: Hate Crime and Incidents - GayGlos

Priority Type: Supporting Victims and Reducing Reoffending

Total Investment: 5000.00

Awarded: 2022/2023, 2023/2024

Location: Countywide

About the project:

This is not a new project but a continuation of work tackling inequalities that impact on minority groups through Hate Crime and Incidents. Nor is it a stand alone initiative. We have been working closely with the constabulary and other agencies for many years. Whilst our specific remit as GayGlos is support for people who identify as LGBTQ+ we have always done this in the context of equalities and inclusiveness in the round. Having been involved in the field of Hate Crime since before Gay, Trans and Disability were recognised as strands of hate crime we have extensive knowledge and understanding of the subject which we have been able to bring to this agenda for over 25 years working closely with the constabulary and other agencies to raise the profile of hate crime and incidents in the county. We have been key contributors to the development of the current 2021-25 strategy and the development, updating and delivery of awareness training in the county. We are keen to continue to contribute to this important area of work driving forward the strategic objectives within the strategy.