Organisation: Community Speed Watch (Stoke Orchard and Tredington Parish Council)

Project name: Community Speed Reduction Project

Priority Type: Creating Safer Communities

Total Investment: 385.99

Awarded: 2022/2023

Location: Cheltenham and Tewkesbury

About the project:

The aims of our project are: To reduce speeding within the villages of Stoke Orchard and Tredington to create a safer community, to involve and engage local residents, businesses and schools in our principal aim, to work collaboratively with our local police and RSTM to strengthen our constabulary and to give our local communities a voice in policing through our collaborative partnerships. The Community Speed Watch (which comprises ten full members) wish to apply for funding for two hand held speed detection devices ( one for each village). Use of the devices would form part of our speed reduction activities. Currently, the devices owned by Tewkesbury police are shared amongst a number of parishes and so our activity is compromised by wait times and time limits on loan of equipment.