Organisation: Brendan’s Bridge

Project name: Barton Model

Priority Type: Creating Safer Communities

Total Investment: 5000

Awarded: 2022/2023, 2023/2024

Location: Gloucester

About the project:

To establish a collaborative programme of positive activity for young people in the Kingsway area of Gloucester. This strategy would incorporate: Detached Youth Work working with young people on the streets and engaging them in activities and conversations around their individual and group needs, Youth Club provision encouraging young people hanging around on the streets to attend a regular youth club session in a venue in their postcode area. Delivery of support and activities in collaboration with local assets - including venues in the area, individual community leaders and community organisations. The model of work we are proposing would be based on a model that has been proven successful in Barton and Tredworth and which entails interagency work incorporating Brendan's Bridge youth and community charity, neighbourhood policing teams, Alternative Provision Schools and local community groups and leaders including young people themselves. Outcomes would include: diversionary activities for young people, sports and music programmes to develop social and vocational skills and engage the young people in further services in the city, access to mental health support where applicable, positive re-engagement with their own community through geographically based projects, conversations around deterrence including clear communication around such issues as e-scooters, puff bars, knife crime, violence and gangs.