Organisation: Aylburton Parish Council

Project name: ANPR for Aylburton

Priority Type: Empowering Local Communities

Total Investment: 1500.00

Awarded: 2022/2023

Location: Forest of Dean

About the project:

The aim of the ANPR for Aylburton project is to improve the quality of life in Aylburton by reducing the number of speeding vehicles that drive through it. The project involves the purchase, installation and maintenance of an ANPR camera with radar for Aylburton High Street (A48) to act as a traffic calming measure. The camera will be part of a countywide network of ANPR Surveillance Camera Commission accredited cameras. Connected to dedicated computer software the camera will gather evidence of speeding vehicles, enabling the police to identify speeding motorists. The presence of the yellow camera will help reduce the number of speeding vehicles after entry into the village. The camera's visibility, together with associated signage and other traffic calming measures, will help reduce speeding throughout the length of Aylburton High Street. Aylburton Parish Council will be responsible for the costs of the ongoing maintenance of the camera and subscription to the data collection system. The council has made provision in its budget to cover these costs in future years. The camera is a key element of the council's wider road safety work, which includes other traffic calming measures such as a Community Speed watch Group, Vehicle Activated Speed Signs and signage which will warn of surveillance and urge motorists to drive within the speed limit.