• More than 5,000 students view hard-hitting road safety roadshow
  • Police and Crime Commissioner calls on all schools to make ‘What if?’ part of their curriculum
  • ‘What if?’ tells the story of how two students survived a catastrophic car crash along with first hand-accounts from blue light professionals regularly involved in the aftermath of car crashes
  • ‘What if?’ will return in the new year

It was a lecture no self-respecting student wanted to miss. For they knew that one day, the knowledge gained could save their lives.

More than 5,000 pupils aged 16-19 from schools and colleges around the county have seen the ‘What if?’ road show since it was launched in September. More than 250 students from the Gloucester Academy, The Cotswold School/Academy and Gloucestershire Engineering Training packed into the final showings at EDF, Gloucester, last Friday.

Like many before them, the harrowing footage left them determined to treat the roads with more respect and care. This is what some have had to say during the seven week run:


  Students respond to What if?

 “Wow……this morning has left myself and Lucy feeling emotionally drained. On behalf of Tewkesbury School Students we would like to thank all involved in the `What If` programme and the commitment they have made in trying to keep them and the young people of our county safe” (Tewkesbury School)

“I just wanted to say what a powerful presentation that was this morning.  From speaking to some of our students when we got back to school, it really felt it hit home, some even said it had put them off driving. You could hear a pin drop in the theatre where the students were so focused. Thank you once again to yourselves and the extended team for organising this”(Rednock School)

“It was a great event and all the students I spoke to found it very thought-provoking and were glad they had had the opportunity to see it.” (Farmor’s School)


 “It’s made me think differently”

“It was excellently put together and delivered, and will have a real effect on the way the students drive in the future” (Westonbirt School)

“Massive congratulations on the What If Roadshow! We thought it was really really good and the message really hit home. A fantastic idea and it worked very well” (Gloucestershire Engineering Training)

‘What if?’ features the film ‘Invincible Minds’ which tells the story of how two students survived a catastrophic car crash which almost killed them. Their first-hand accounts, and those of professionals regularly involved in the aftermath of a road accident, are the basis of the hard-hitting road safety film which is at the heart of the roadshow, developed for schools by the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership.

Rebecca Pain tells students about her son who was killed in a car crash
Firefighter Adrian Griffiths shares his experience of another fatal collision

Gloucestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl, who commissioned Paul Burke to make the film ‘Invincible Minds’ and has pushed road safety up the local agenda said, “Young drivers are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users so I am pleased so many have taken the opportunity to learn the lessons of ‘What if?’.


“It affected our students”

“Our research pointed towards low awareness of the risks; inexperience and over-confidence; in-car distractions and issues around self-esteem, all topics that are covered by the roadshow. I hope it will become embedded in the curriculum for all of our Year 12students”.

Cllr Nigel Moor, cabinet member responsible for road safety, said: “I am incredibly proud of the efforts by the Road Safety Partnership team in putting this together.

“As a parent, a local councillor, a resident and motorist, this film really touched on something. I think it has taken real courage for the young people involved in the film to come forward and share their stories. I’d like to thank them for their honesty and bravery.”


Students listen spellbound and ponder the question ‘What if?’