Coming to Barrow Wake to commit lewd acts, intimidate people, use drugs or commit any other nuisance behaviour? You are being watched.

Activity in the area is now being monitored 24 hours a day, using high-tech cameras. The cameras include armoured housing and anything that triggers the camera is recorded.

Operation Hilltop is a police and Police and Crime Commissioner led operation to crack down on illegal and anti-social behaviours at Barrow Wake. It started with a intensification day in May (2023) where officers flooded the area to discourage people coming there for the wrong reasons and damaging the landscape.

The operation has continued and as of Tuesday (11 July) it is now covered by CCTV cameras as a part of a trial.

Gloucestershire Constabulary and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner have installed signage in the area as well, making it clear that CCTV is in place – discouraging people from acting in a harmful or inappropriate manner.

There are five cameras across the notorious viewpoint and over 15 signs which have been strategically placed in the areas that have seen the most anti-social behaviour, fly tipping and other inappropriate behaviours.

Local officers will continue to be present at the site as frequently as possible to deter people from continuing to misuse the beauty spot.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Evans said: “I am thrilled to see these camera’s installed. We all know the types of awful behaviours that go on at Barrow Wake and it is has gone on for far too long.

“Anti-social behaviour is one of Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Nelson’s top priorities.

“Installing these camera’s will go towards preventing people continuing to misuse this area and will help to make it feel safer for local residents.”

Acting Inspector for the Cotswolds Neighbourhood Policing Team, Andy Miller said: “Barrow Wake is well known for lewd acts, drug taking and anti-social behaviour.

“The Neighbourhood team is committed to making the beauty spot a safe and inviting place for everyone to enjoy.

“We will continue to closely monitor the area and deal with any offenders robustly.”