‘Blessed are the peacemakers’, the words of Jesus Christ, which I am sure are endorsed by all faiths and others. As we enter 2021, in what many would describe as a divided nation, these are words that still – and always will – hold good.

This year, I’ve not made a New Year’s resolution and I don’t know anyone who has,  but that’s probably because apart from walking my dogs I’ve not left the house. That really does feel different and I don’t much like it.  Maybe this year, rather than make a New Year resolution, it would be better if we all tried a bit harder to be peacemakers?

Shortly before starting this blog I read the overnight report from our Police and learnt that one officer in the Cotswolds had been punched, fallen and suffered a broken arm and another from Gloucester had been attacked with a hammer and suffered a head injury.  My thoughts are with those officers and all the others who work tirelessly to keep the peace, resolve conflict and in doing so put themselves in harm’s way to fulfil the oath they took when they joined – to keep the peace and maintain good order.

Without mentioning the word that has undoubtedly divided our nation for at least the last four years, my hope is that whatever our views we can all try hard to be peacemakers.

To my mind, being a peacemaker doesn’t mean we lost or won, it doesn’t mean surrender or victory and it certainly doesn’t mean I was right and you were wrong or vice versa.  It certainly doesn’t mean weakness as we are all accountable for what we said or didn’t say, did or didn’t do.

2021 from my perspective doesn’t quite seem real yet.  If the reports are correct, the tsunami of Covid-19 that has hit London and the South East is heading our way just as the first vaccines that could turn the tide are arriving.  Am I the only person over 60 who has checked to see when I may get the vaccine? I doubt it.

When I do is not in my control, but like you I can do my bit to stay safe and keep others safe.

Making an effort to be a ‘Peacemaker’ in 2021 will mean different things to different people and is definitely worth considering.