• Gloucestershire Bundles is one of the latest charities to receive a grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Fund 
  • Funding will go towards providing 40 ‘Backpacks for Secondary Schools’ to families most in need
  • The Commissioner’s Fund has supported more than 470 local organisations since its launch in 2012. This year the criteria for funding was widened to include projects aiding ‘Covid-19 recovery’
  • Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl described it as a “Shining example” of the way communities in Gloucestershire rally round in times of need to help one another.

When kids go back to school on Monday, many of them will be kitted out with a Gloucestershire bundle.

‘Gloucestershire Bundles’ is a charity which aims to provide clothing and equipment for pregnant women and families in need with children up to the age of 16. Their moto is ‘No child should be without the basic needs’ and is one of 32 projects to receive support from Police and Crime Commissioner’s Fund to aid ‘Covid-19 recovery’.

With schools at the forefront of the slow march out lockdown, the organisation applied to the Commissioners Fund for £1000 to help supply 40 backpacks filled toiletries and essential stationery for the school year for families most in need.

Gloucestershire Bundles Trustee Stacey Brayshaw said, ‘We are very grateful to the Commissioner’s Fund as their grant enabled us to go ahead with our ‘Backpacks for secondary school pupils’ project.

“Back packs, stationary and toiletry are an extra expense for families they may not be able to afford, especially those suffering the economic effects of the pandemic.

“Not only is the backpack important for school work, it has the knock-on effect of reducing the chance of a child being singled out and made to feel vulnerable for not having the correct equipment”.

Families are referred to Gloucestershire Bundles from sources such as social services, schools and community family workers.

Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl said, “This is another shining example of the way communities in Gloucestershire rally round in times of need to help one another and that has never been more apparent than now.

“Gloucestershire Bundles has grown from an operation working out of one of the trustee’s living rooms into an organisation now needing a warehouse in which to collect and distribute all the donations”.