• New speed awareness courses will begin in Gloucestershire in June
  • There will be 10 new training locations around the county and courses will be cheaper
  • No redundancies among instructors
  • Making Gloucestershire’s roads safer still a priority for Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl

No self-respecting motorist should drive above the speed limit though the reality is that many do.


The good news – if that is the way to put it – is that local drivers who are caught and offered a speed awareness course will be able to undertake the training near their home and it will be cheaper.

It follows the decision by Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl to award the contract for delivering the courses, which are run under the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme(NDORS), to TTC Group (UK) Plc, an independent company which specialises in improving motorists’ personal and professional knowledge.

In return, TTC agreed to:

  • 10 locations in the county’s six districts where the courses will be held
  • All the road safety instructors previously used by Gloucestershire County Council will be retained
  • Call centre hours have been extended to include evenings and  Saturdays
  • The price of the course will be around £14 cheaper

TTC will take over when the current arrangement with the county council ends on 31 May. The announcement ends any uncertainty following the end of the local road safety partnership due to disagreements over how the council was managing the courses.

Mr. Surl said, “Obviously, it would be better if every motorist adhered to the legal limits and there was no need for speed awareness courses. However, what TTC can offer ensures there will be a seamless transition from what was in place before. 

“I am determined that all the road safety initiatives currently operating will also continue as before as ‘Safe and Social Driving’ remains one of my police and crime plan priorities. The road safety partnership is no longer there in name but the police, fire, county council and my office continue to work closely together to make Gloucestershire’s roads safer. That has not changed”.