• Clash of appointments for Prime Minister-in-waiting
  • Cybercrime meeting postponed as Home Secretary heads for Palace
  • PCC not surprised he was ‘bounced’…
  • …Hoping new PM will bring to an end the ‘unedifying political fallout’ following the EU referendum

Gloucestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Martin Surl has a blank space in his diary today after being stood up by the Home Secretary.


Mr.Surl should have been meeting Theresa May for a ministerial briefing on the response in Gloucestershire to cybercrime and the Home Office strategy for tackling serious organised crime.

But in the wake of the Conservative leadership result, Mrs. May’s focus is on her new role as Prime Minister which means she will be heading for an audience with the Queen instead.

Mr. Surl said, “Given the constitutional significance of her meeting with Her Majesty I’m not surprised I got bounced off.

”On a more serious note I have met Mrs. May on several occasions. She introduced PCCs and she has always been supportive of the role and determined to see it succeed.

“The unedifying political fallout from the EU referendum has had worrying side effects in some of our communities. I hope the arrival of a new Prime Minister signals the beginning of a less uncertain period and that things will begin to settle down again”.

David Cameron will take Prime Minister’s Questions for the last time today. Mrs. May is scheduled to take over after visiting the Queen some time after that