For many children, the last few weeks have been disruptive, confusing and, for some, even scary.  In an effort to try to help address this balance, Child Friendly Gloucestershire is asking for their help to shape the future, both at the end of this crisis and for the years to come.

Chair of Child Friendly Gloucestershire, Dame Janet Trotter says the ask is simple: “We are asking children and their parents to answer a few questions online to tell us what we need to do.  We want to know what is important to them?  What needs to change?  What do the leaders of our county need to know to make a difference?

“We intended this questionnaire to go out over the summer months but have brought it forward to try and help our young people feel like they can make a difference now.  That their voices are important and that they haven’t been forgotten.”

Child Friendly Gloucestershire (CFG) is a group of individuals who recognise that there is a need for the voice of young people in decision making process for our county. CFG consists of representatives from local authorities, local public sector and the third sector, as well as specialists in their field.

But Dame Janet says they can’t do it alone: “The only way we can really understand how we can help our young people is if they tell us.  We have the right people around the table to really bring about change.  We just need to know what that change should be.  Then they can help us deliver it.”

To take part in the survey, please go to and follow the link or find us on social media.