Gloucestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has come up with a solution to the controversy over ‘surplus’ Covid-19 vaccine.

GPs are said to be finding it difficult to book the exact number of appointments to match the doses of vaccine in stock. It’s been reported that doctors have been told to dispose of ‘leftover’ vaccines rather than give patients second doses or use them on staff.

In West Yorkshire, hundreds of ‘surplus’ Covid-19 vaccines went to front line police officers and staff and Gloucestershire’s PCC Martin Surl is calling-on the Government to make it common practice throughout the country.

“The police go towards danger when no-one else does”

Speaking in a BBC Points West Facebook debate this evening Mr. Surl said, “What I want to see is a clear direction from the Health Secretary Matt Hancock, supported by the Home Secretary Priti Patel, that any excess vaccine should be prioritised to front line police officers or other designated groups.

“There have been numerous reports of vaccine left over at the end of a clinic and no clear instructions what should happen to it. I have no doubt a call to the local force control could direct active patrol cars to a surgery or centre within minutes and the vaccine could be put to the use it’s meant for.

“I applaud what is happening in West Yorkshire but this should be a Government protocol for the whole of the country.

“Police officers go towards danger when no one else does. Even if just two or three extra officers in Gloucestershire were vaccinated each day for the next few months it would make a huge difference”.