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“The service and support provided to victims will be at the heart of our approach” ( Police and Crime Plan 2017/21).

In 2014 the Ministry of Justice assigned the responsibility for the commissioning of victim services to Police and Crime Commissioners and as a consequence Victim Support was awarded the contract to deliver this service in Gloucestershire until April 2020. This new service is for victims of all crime apart from victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse who are supported through other organisations. The new Victim Support contract also includes the offer of support to victims of personal anti-social behaviour who can suffer more than if they were a victim of crime. Up to 9,000 such incidents are reported annually in Gloucestershire.       

We also have a duty to comply with the Victims’ Code of Practice 2015 and the PCC will ensure that the Constabulary is compliant with this and in doing so augment the service provided to victims. The forthcoming Victims’ Law will reinforce the principles of the Victims’ Code of Practice and strengthen the voice of the victim giving them proper support and protection.

 There are other organisations shown below who can offer a wide range of support. 

Report a crime

Gloucestershire Constabulary


To report a crime you can:

Call 101 (non-emergency)

Call 999 (emergency)

Report online here








If you do not want to talk to the police or fill in the reporting forms, you can still report a crime anonymously by contacting Crimestoppers


Tel: 0800 555111




Hate Crime in Gloucestershire - 3rd party reporting


If you have seen someone experience or do experience a hate incident or crime, it is important to report. There are many options available for providing information.

Tel: 0800 0778460

Text: HATE to 80800

Domestic and Sexual Abuse

Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS)

GDASS offers support to victims of domestic abuse throughout the county of Gloucestershire.

They provide one to one support, advice and safety planning to keep people safe in their own home where possible, group-work programs and places of safety.

GDASS can also offer support to victims of domestic abuse through the court process.

Tel: 0845 602 9035

Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (GRASAC)

GRASAC is an independent charity offering free, confidential support and information to women and girls affected by any form of sexual violence at any time in their lives.

GRASAC runs a helpline 5 days a week and free ongoing support sessions with a specially trained support worker either face to face or over the telephone.


 Tel: 01452 526770

Stroud Beresford Group - Stroud Women's Refuge

Beresford Group (Stroud Women’s Refuge) are a local independent charity that provides Gloucestershire’s women refuge.

They also provide a range of community-based services including outreach support, family/children’s support, 12 week courses and a range of workshops and training courses.

Tel: 01453 764385

Hope House - SARC

If you, or someone you know, has been the victim of sexual assault or rape, the centre can provide:

•Understanding and emotional support

•Confidential treatment & first aid/medical care

•Emergency contraception if necessary

•Information on other agencies who will be able to help

•A change of clothing

•Access to the Police to gather evidence and investigate your assault

•Help you report the incident to the police (only if you wish to do so)

Tel: 01452 754390


Women's aid - National Domestic Violence Helpline


The 24hr freephone National Domestic Violence Helpline (run in partnership between Women’s Aid and Refuge) is available on 0808 2000 247 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is answered by fully trained female helpline support workers and volunteers who will answer your call in confidence. All calls to the helpline are free from mobiles and landlines.

Tel: 0808 2000 247

National Centre for Domestic Violence

The NCDV service is free, fast and user-friendly, usually helping you obtain an emergency injunction within 24 hours from when you first contact them, regardless of personal financial circumstances, race, gender or sexual orientation.

Tel: 0800 970 2070






Womankind provides women in the Bristol area with free or affordable professional counselling, psychotherapy and on-going support.

•A Helpline for women in distress and women suffering domestic abuse

•Befriending for women with enduring mental health issues living in South Gloucestershire

•Individual counselling for women on benefits and low incomes

•Outreach and specialist counselling services

•Short-term psychotherapy groups focussing on specific issues e.g. sexual abuse

•Open-ended psychotherapy groups for women who need longer term support

•A private counselling and group therapy service for women who can afford to pay

•Confidential assessment to help you find out what support you need

Tel: 0345 4582914

Rape Crisis

Rape Crisis England & Wales is a national charity and the umbrella body for our network of independent member Rape Crisis Centres.

Their website provides information on how to get help if you've experienced rape, child sexual abuse and/or any kind of sexual violence, and details of your nearest Rape Crisis services; information for friends, partners, family and other people supporting a sexual violence survivor; information about sexual violence for survivors, students, journalists and others; more about our work, our members and how you can support us.

Tel: 0808 802 9999






Men's Advice Line

Men's Advice Line: confidential helpline for men experiencing domestic violence from a partner or ex-partner (or from other family members). We help by: giving you time to tell your story; offering emotional support; providing practical advice; signposting you to other services for specialist help. 

Tel: 0808 801 0327

National Polish Domestic Abuse Helpline

Free helpline for Polish people who live in the UK and are directly affected by domestic abuse and for those who are concerned about someone else who is experiencing this problem. 

tel: 0800 061 4004

Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Advice and Support


The Respect Phoneline offers information and advice to front line workers about working with domestic violence perpetrators.

  • Offer advice and guidance on working safely with domestic violence perpetrators; and explain which interventions are safe and most effective.
  • Explore your concerns about working with a client and offer a fresh perspective - your call is confidential and anonymous
  • Explain how domestic violence perpetrators may manipulate frontline workers in order to exercise power and control over their partners.
  • Explain why anger management courses, mediation and couple counselling are not appropriate interventions for domestic violence perpetrators
  • Provide contact details for local domestic violence perpetrator programmes and explain how they work.


Tel: 0808 802 4040

Splitz Support Service - Turn Around Programme

Turnaround Programme – A 25 week programme for men who have been harmful to their female partners.  The programme enables men to learn ways of nurturing a respectful relationship with their partners and children, and to understand the impact of abuse and conflict on their families.  Safety work for partners is also provided.

Tel: 01242 266150


National Stalking Helpline

Provides information and guidance on the law, how to report talking, gathering evidence, staying safe and reducing the risk to victims of stalking and harassment. 

Tel: 0808 802 0300






Paladin - National Stalking Advocacy Service 

Paladin is a trauma-informed service established to assist high risk victims of stalking in England and Wales. There unique team of accredited Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworkers (ISACs) ensure that high risk victims of stalking are supported and that a coordinated community response is developed locally to keep victims and their children safe.

Tel: 020 3866 4107

Forced Marriage, Honour Based Violence and FGM

NSPCC FGM Helpline


If you need advice or information about female genital mutilation or are worried about a child at risk you can contact NSPCC 24/7

Tel: 0800 028 3550

Text helpline: 85888

(This is a free and anonymous service)





FORWARD, The Foundation for Women's Health Research and Development provides support and campaign to safeguard the sexual and reproductive health and rights of African girls and women.

Tel: 0208 960 4000


Bristol Community Rose Clinic

Provides support for women experience any health problems as a result of FGM. The clinic offers 'opening' surgery under local anaesthetic (awake) or can arrange for the surgery at a local hospital under general anaesthetic (asleep).

Henna Foundation

The Henna Foundation is a third sector registered charity, committed to strengthening families within the Muslim community. The Foundation works nationally and internationally to advance the needs, concerns and aspirations of Muslim women, children and the families that they live within. Henna Foundation believes that Muslim communities require culturally sensitive support, advice, assistance and awareness in dealing with the issues that they face. 

Tel: 0292 0496 920 





Karma Nirvana

Karma Nirvana offer support to victims of forced marriage and honour based violence.

Tel: 0800 5999 247



Freedom Charity

The Freedom Charity aims to empower young people to feel they have the tools and confidence to support each other around the issues of forced marriage and honour based violence.

Tel: 0845 607 0133




Forced Marriage Unit

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office provides information about forced marriage and can intervene to make you safe.

The Forced Marriage Unit can also offer advice to professionals on how to deal with these cases.

Tel: 0207 008 0151


Infobuzz provide a range of serviced to people living in Gloucestershire including a group working programme for female survivors of domestic abuse, training to professionals about honour based violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation and support to those experiencing child sexual exploitation.

Tel: 01452 381770

Hate Crime

Stop Hate UK

Stop Hate UK works alongside local strategic partnerships to tackle hate crime and discrimination, encourage reporting and support the individuals and communities it affects. We provide a toolkit to help improve local responses to Hate Crime and an alternative for people who not wish to report Hate Crime to the police or other statutory agencies. Their helplines enable people to access independent support and information, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Tel: 0800 138 1625

Internet Safety and Financial Crime

Digital Trust - Helping victims of Digital and Cyber Crime

The Digital Trust - a community interest company, a not-for-profit set up to provide technical expertise to victims of digital abuse and organisations working with them.

Action Fraud - National fraud and cyber crime reporting centre

If you have been a victim of fraud, there is a network of support and information available to you. Sometime people choose not to report fraud or seek advice because they are embarrassed that they fell for a scam, con, swindle, or any other word used to describe the crime.

The first thing you should do if you've been a victim of fraud is to contact Action Fraud. You can report via their website or over the phone.

Tel: 0300 123 2040

Child Abuse


ChildLine provide support and advice for young people on the following subjects, bullying, abuse safety and the law. Home and family life, friend, relationships and a variety of other topics that impact on a young person’s wellbeing.

Tel: 0800 1111



National Association for People Abused in Childhood - NAPAC

NAPAC (the National Association for People Abused in Childhood) offers support to adult survivors of all types of childhood abuse, including physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect.

Tel: 0808 801 0331

Modern Slavery

The Salvation Army

The specialist support programme is designed to preserve the dignity of victims, protect, and care for them in safe accommodation, and provide access to confidential client-based support serviced to give victims the space to reflect, recover and rebuild their lives.

Those who don't need accommodation but still need support have the same entitlements as someone living in a safe house. The Salvation Army will therefore provide victims of modern slavery with access to confidential client-based support services, including:

  • Material assistance
  • Access to psychological support
  • Access to legal advice and assistance
  • Counselling
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Translation and interpretation services when appropriate
  • Education for children


Modern Slavery is real. It is happening in our communities. An unseen crime, it hides in take-aways, hotels, car washes, nail bars and private homes. The Home Office predicts that there may be as many as 13000 victims in the UK alone. 

There is no typical victim of slavery. Victims can be men, women and children of all ages and cut across the populations, but it is normally more prevalent amongst the vulnerable, minority or socially excluded groups. Unseen operated the UK's Modern Slavery Helpline, providing victims, the public, statutory agencies and businesses access to information and support on a 24/7 basis.






Child Trafficking Advice Centre (CTAC)

The Child Trafficking Advice Centre (CTAC) provides free guidance and training to professionals concerned that a child or young person has been or is about to be trafficked into or out of the UK.

Tel: 0808 800 5000

Migrant Help

Migrant Help is responsible for support services for adult female and male victims of Human Trafficking. For cases in Scotland and NI they are a primary contact. Available 24 hours a day. They are a first responder for the National referral mechanism. 

Tel: 01304 203 997 or 07766 668 781

Child Sexual Exploitation


If you think you have been the victim of sexual violence such as sexual assault, rape or abuse, it's important to realise that whatever happen, it's not your fault.

Nobody should be forced to do thing sexually against their will. You may feel angry, scared, confused or down. It's important that you're not alone with these feelings. Tell a trusted friend or an adult such as a family member or teacher, youth worker, school nurse, GP or someone else you can trust.

Other support services 

Gloucestershire Age UK

Age UK is the largest independent organisation in the county working with, and for, older people. Age UK Gloucestershire is overseen by a board of trustees who are volunteers from the local community. They bring their business and life experience to Age UK Gloucestershire.

Age UK aim to improve the life and promote the independence of all older people living in Gloucestershire by

  • enabling older people to know their rights and to make informed choices about their lives
  • providing high quality services that meet older people's needs
  • celebrating the positive impact that older people play in our community challenging prejudice and decisions that discriminate against older people

Tel: 01452 422660



Victim Support

Victim Support provide emotional and practical help to people who have been affected by crime in Gloucestershire. They are an independent charity and you can contact them for support regardless of whether you've contacted the police, and no matter how long ago the crime took place. They will help you for as long as it takes to overcome the impact of crime.

Tel: 0808 281 0112



National Homicide Service

The service is offered to bereaved families by their police family liaison officer (known as the FLO) or the Foreign Office country caseworker. Once they have content from the bereaved family, a homicide caseworker is assigned and a face-to-face meeting is offered.

A major part of their work is helping people navigate and know what to expect from the criminal justice system, and providing someone independent to talk to. The list of practical services Victim Support provide is endless. They can also help with any immediate, practical needs, such as assisting with the funeral, childcare and transportation. Victim Support also help victim’s access financial assistance such as state benefits and compensation claims, and will inform organisations that there has been a death.

Tel: 0845 3030 900

Restorative Gloucestershire

Restorative processes bring those harmed by crime or conflict, and those responsible for the harm, into communication, enabling everyone affected by a particular incident to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward.

Tel: 01452 754542



Brake - The Road Safety Charity

The Brake support team understand that every road crash is different, every caller is an individual and each set of circumstances is uniquely painful, and tailor their support according to your needs.

Their over-riding aim is to help you to feel able to cope, emotionally and practically, in the aftermath of the crash and as you adjust to your new reality. Brake will stay in touch with you for as long as you need their support.

Tel: 0808 8000 401

Mind - for better mental health

When you're experiencing a mental health problem, supportive and reliable information can change your life. Mind empower people to understand their condition and the choices available to them through:

  • An Infoline which offers callers confidential help for the price of a local call
  • Legal Line which provides information on mental health related law to the public, service users, family members/carers, mental health professionals and mental health advocates.

Tel: 0300 123 3393


Counselling Directory

Launched in 2005, the Counselling Directory works closely with counsellors, psychotherapists and visitors, to provide the best service possible. With over 10,000 qualified counsellors listed, they can help to connect you to professional support.

Victim Information Service

If you have been a victim of crime your local support team can help you.

Tel: 0808 1689 293

Teens in Crisis (tic+)

TIC+ provides face-to-face and online counselling services across Gloucestershire for young people aged 9 - 21 and their families. They are there to listen and support you - not to judge you. Their mission is to improve, preserve and promote good mental health and well-being among young people and their families.

Tel: 01594 372777 or 07520 634063

Citizen's Advice Witness Service

Citizen's advice Witness service provides free and independent support for both prosecution and defence witnesses in every criminal court in England and Wales.

Their trained volunteers provide practical information about the process, as well as emotional support to help you feel more confident when giving evidence.

Online referral form

Murdered Abroad

Helpline number – 0845 123 2384

Murdered Abroad is a support group for families, partners and friends of the victims of murder and manslaughter abroad.



Victim's code of practice

Adult victim's Code leaflet

If you have been a victim of crime, you are entitled to certain information and support from criminal justice organisations such as the police and the courts.

The Victim's Code is a government document which explains what you can expect from these organisations from the moment you report a crime until after the trial has finished.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority deals with compensation claims from people who have been physically or mentally injured because they were the blameless victim of a violent crime in England, Scotland or Wales.

Tel: 0300 003 3601

The Victim Personal Statement

The Victim's Code includes an entitlement for victims of crime to make a Victim Personal Statement (VPS). The VPS helps give victims a voice in the criminal justice process. In your VPS you can tell the court and the Parole Board, where applicable, how the offence has affected you or your family. You can also choose to read it aloud in court or have it read out on your behalf if the defendant is found guilty.

Page last updated: 26 March 2018