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The deadline has now passed for this year's applications. Thank you to those who have applied and good luck in your bids.

Overall information

Each year the Commissioner allocates 1% of the policing budget, c. £1 million to The Commissioner’s Fund. The money is used to fund projects and programmes that support the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan and its priorities.

The Commissioner’s Fund is open to a variety of applicants – public sector, voluntary sector, community groups. This is a competitive process with limited funds; therefore not all applications will be successful. Organisations who have previously been awarded funding are welcome to apply again, either to expand the existing project or with an alternative idea. Unfortunately, we are unable to reconsider previous funding requests in order to top up the funds the project did not receive in the past funding rounds. 

Essential criteria

  • Projects must take place within Gloucestershire
  • Projects must support the delivery of one or more of the six priorities

Desirable criteria

  • Match funding is desirable
  • Projects should bring organisations and people together to co-operate in tackling problems or promoting new ideas
  • Projects must aim to become sustainable and not become dependent on PCC funding
  • Projects must be able to demonstrate evidence based outcomes

What we are more likely to fund

What we are less likely to fund

  • Practical work
  • Feasibility studies or research projects
  • Group or partnership development
  • Awareness raising
  • Training
  • Equipment and materials
  • Marketing and promotion        
  • Individual’s salary
  • Replacement of statutory funding or salaries
  • Expeditions or trips 
  • Bursaries and scholarships
  • Building costs
  • Vehicles
  • CCTV *

 * CCTV is not something we would typically fund, therefore we have a policy related to CCTV funding that states what all CCTV funding requests will be subject to in order to be considered. Please CLICK HERE to see if you are eligible to apply.

To see further details of all the projects that have been funded in the past please go to LOCAL PROJECTS WE'VE SUPPORTED 


Important dates

Smaller applications: £1 - £1,000 & £1,000 - £5,000     Deadline: PASSED

Bigger applications: £5,000 - £20,000 & £20,000+        Deadline: PASSED


All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application from March 2018

Funding to successful applicants will be released in April 2018 (new financial year)



If you require assistance completing your application form then please contact the Commissioning Team

via or Telephone 01452 754323

Please Click Here to see a copy of the application form (£20k+) to familiarise yourselves with the questions before applying online.


Your application can now be saved for up to 7 days. Ensure you click ‘save application’. You will be asked for your email address and on the screen you will be provided with an individual code. Keep this safe, as it enables you to get back into your individual application at a later time. Please note that each time you click save, you will be provided with a new code. We would advise you write these down and keep your codes up to date to avoid work loss.


- My ASP.NET Application
  • Please provide all required details
  • Please provide a valid email address
  • Please select a funding amount
Thank you for your interest in the Commissioner’s Fund. We are pleased to announce that our application process has now been improved and we have entered the digital age and our applications are now online!
Based on feedback from previous applicants, we have taken into consideration all the proposed changes and have now taken on board your comments to make the process more user friendly. You will now have four funding categories you can apply for and the word limit and detail required now adequately reflect the amount requested. The information we require from you increases with the amount requested.
Application process stages:
  • Applications are read and scored based on their suitability by the commissioning team to ensure they meet our criteria.
  • Additional questions may be asked throughout the process if clarification is needed.
  • Applications will be sent to Priority Leads and internal and external experts for their recommendation.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the Commissioner’s Fund panel.
  • Applications that are below £20,000 per year will then be taken to the Commissioner for his final decision. Successful applicants will be notified from March 2018 onwards.
  • If your application exceeds £20,000 and reaches this stage, you will be invited to give a 10 minute clarification presentation to our internal panel, followed by an opportunity for us to ask you any questions we may have. Whilst a final decision on your application will be made on the day, you will not be notified of the outcome until the end of March 2018.
To proceed to the application form, please provide the following basic details.
Please complete all fields in this application form
Continue saved form
To continue a previously saved form, provide your email address, and the unique code that you were provided.
Email Address:
Unique code:
Amount of funding that you would like to apply for per annum:

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Page last updated: 22 January 2018