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The Commissioner’s Fund 2019/20 

Important notice:The Fund is now closed for applications.

For alternative funding opportunities, please see Gloucestershire VCS Alliance Bulletin  


The Commissioner’s Fund supports activity towards the delivery of the Police & Crime Plan priorities, in the knowledge that the Police cannot bring about the change we need on their own.  More widely, the Police & Crime Plan values better connected communities where people utilise our collective assets and can act together to make life better.

Each year the Commissioner allocates 1% of the policing budget (c. £1,000,000) to the Commissioner’s Fund to support projects and programmes that seek to break the cycle of harm and offending.

We are pleased to invite community groups, voluntary and public sector organisations to apply from 1 August 2018 for a share of the money to support neighbourhoods working with the Police to make Gloucestershire an even better and safer place to live, work and visit.


The Police and Crime Plan was produced based on views & experience of the PCC and what people of Gloucestershire told him they wanted before he was elected in 2012. The plan can be summarised under the six priorities below, but embraces a much wider approach.

Accessibility & Accountability - To ensure the police are there when the public needs them and decisions are made with transparency and openness

Older But Not Overlooked - To ensure that older people feel and remain an active part of our communities, safe from crime and the fear of crime

Young People Becoming Adults - To help young people become law-abiding, productive members of society & responsible adults

Safer Days and Nights - To better manage the day & night-time economy in Gloucestershire to ensure everyone is able to enjoy it without fear

Safe and Social Driving - To make the county roads safe and more sociable for all road users, and help people become better and safer drivers by reducing offending & antisocial driving

Safer Cyber - To ensure that people and businesses in Gloucestershire are safe from internet crime and anti-social behaviour on social network sites


In order to be considered, projects must:

  • Take place in Gloucestershire
  • Deliver one or more of the PCC’s priorities
  • Support crime reduction and community safety work

In addition, applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have:

  • Spoken and listened to beneficiaries of the proposed project
  • Explored the possibility of working together with organisations that deliver similar work in the county
  • Been actively seeking match funding for the proposed project
  • A link with Neighbourhood Policing via local PCSOs
  • A sustainability plan for the project when the PCC funding expires

The Fund is open to:

  • Voluntary or registered Charity
  • Community organisation
  • Constituted group or club
  • Community Interest Company (CIC)
  • Social enterprise
  • School
  • Statutory body (including town, parish or county council)

We cannot accept applications from:

  • Individuals
  • Sole traders
  • Organisations that are aimed at generating profits primarily for private distribution
  • Organisations based outside the UK
  • Applications made by one organisation on behalf of another unless you are working in partnership

If projects have elements that could fit into the following categories, we would expect to see financial contributions from the other relevant organisations:

  • Health
  • Social Care        
  • Mental Health
  • Education
  • Sport
  • Statutory / core funding which should be paid by the district or county councils

This is a competitive process with limited funds; therefore not all applications will be successful. To see further details of all the projects that have been funded in the past please go to LOCAL PROJECTS WE'VE SUPPORTED


The Fund aims to develop opportunities rather than sustain any existing work.

What we are likely to fund:

  • Practical work / activity costs
  • Feasibility studies or research projects
  • Group or partnership development
  • Awareness raising
  • Training
  • Small scale equipment and materials
  • Marketing and promotion 

What we are unlikely to fund:   

  • Individual’s salary
  • Replacement of statutory funding or salaries that should be paid by County and District Councils, Health, Social Care, Education, Mental Health
  • Expeditions and trips 
  • Bursaries and scholarships
  • Building costs
  • Large scale equipment
  • Vehicles
  • CCTV (is not something we would typically fund, therefore we have a policy related to CCTV funding that states what all CCTV funding requests will be subject to in order to be considered. Please CLICK HERE to see if you are eligible to apply)

Projects that aim to deliver work linked to the services below will not be supported, unless there is a gap in provision that is not currently being covered or will not be covered in pending contracts prior to April 2019:

  • Victim services
  • Sexual violence
  • Domestic abuse
  • Community Rehabilitation Company (part of Probation)
  • Drug & Alcohol
  • Homelessness
  • Sanctuary work
  • Work related to school exclusions
  • Stalking

Organisations which have previously been awarded funding are welcome to apply again with different ideas. Unfortunately, we are unable to reconsider previous funding requests in order to top up the funds the project did not receive in the past funding rounds. 


The Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl is elected for a four year term of office (2017-2021). Therefore, majority of the PCC funded projects are financed up to four years. Whilst the aim is for them to become sustainable by the end of this period, it also means the budget available decreases each year. Therefore, in an attempt to balance expenditure whilst supporting existing schemes, applicants will only be able to apply for up to a maximum of £5,000 per annum, for up to two years in the 2019/20 funding round.

This year we have the following funding categories applicants can apply for per annum:

Category 1: £1 - £1,000

Category 2: £1,001 - £5,000

In addition, we have an exclusive funding category for Community Safety Partnership. Only a Community Safety Partnership or similar equivalent local partnerships can apply.


In order to complete a formal application we require applicants to submit a pre-qualification questionnaire to ensure they are eligible to apply for funding. 

The questionnaire will be available to complete on this website

from 1 August 2018 to 23:59 PM on Monday 15 October 2018 


Once we have reviewed information provided in the pre-qualification questionnaire, and are satisfied with the responses, applicants will receive an email from us within 7 days of the submission prompting them to submit a formal application to the Fund.

Applicants who do not hear from us within 7 days on this occasion have not met our minimum requirements to proceed further. Feedback may be available on request.

To contact the Commissioning Team:



01452 754323


Important dates

Fund opens


PQQ deadline


Application deadline


Decisions communicated

from March 2019

Page last updated: 04 January 2019