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Do you accept more than one bid from the same organisation?

We accept more than one application from the same organisation. However, you would need to show a link to preventing crime and a clear link to one or more of the Police and Crime Commissioners priorities.

We have been already funded by the PCC for a project under OBNO priority; we would like to apply for funding for two projects, one related to OBNO priority and one to YPBA. Can we still apply?

Yes, you can apply for funding under the ‘Older but not overlooked’ priority, as well as for any other priority.

What is the minimum and maximum amount organisations can bid for?

There are four funding categories that you can apply for. The information required in an application increases with the amount requested. Your business case should justify the amount of funding you are seeking. Please give consideration around the proportionality of the project and value for money against the outcomes you are seeking to achieve. Please click here to see all of the projects that have/are being funded through the PCC to give you an idea of the kind of grants that we have supported.

Could you let me know when is the earliest date that we might hear if we have been successful?

Unfortunately, to enable the due diligence to be completed we are unable to provide you with the exact date. This depends on many factors, including the volume of applications that we are currently processing, the process they have to go through, the promptness of the expert’s feedback and the availability of staff.

What is the process the applications are going through?
  1. Initial internal examination of the bids by the Commissioning Team
  2. Additional questions if clarification is needed (throughout the process)
  3. Priority Leads feedback or other internal and external expert’s opinion
  4. Commissioner’s Fund Panel recommendation
  5. The Commissioner – a final decision
  6. All applicants are notified if they were successful or not 
Will you accept the offer letter acceptance with an electronic signature, or do you need a hard copy with the signature too?

Only an electronic version is required, there is no need to send us a hard copy. 

Simply just type your name (example 1) or embed your e-signature (example 2):

Example 1

Signed John Smith
Name John Smith
Date 13.05.16
Organisation Gloucestershire Community
Position Project Manager


Example 2 

Signed undefined
Name John Smith
Date 13.05.16
Organisation  Gloucestershire Community
Position Project Manager


Will both successful and unsuccessful applicants be notified of their outcome?

Yes, all applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by email.

Page last updated: 04 September 2017