Residents in Staunton will have the chance to question Gloucestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner about how safe their homes and roads are face to face.

Martin Surl is visiting the village in the Forest of Dean along with Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Brierley on Tuesday (23 May).

Mr. Surl will also be attending the Staunton Coleford annual parish meeting that evening when crime and road safety are on the agenda.

PCC Martin Surl and Deputy PCC Chris Brierley, pictured here at the opening of the Forest of Dean police station, will be in Staunton to answer your questions

He said, “There’s an impression that rural policing is treated as less urgent or not as important as types of crime more commonly committed in the county’s main urban centres. I know that’s not true and that the Chief Constable shares my view.

“The countryside is a beautiful place to live, but we know that the picture postcard image often hides crime and poverty on a par with urban conurbations. In my Police and Crime Plan, I make clear my intention to tackle rural crime and increase police visibility in these areas”.


NEV, the Neighbourhood Engagement Vehicle will also be in the village that day from 2pm onwards

The PCC admits the fear of crime is likely to be more pronounced in rural areas and is another issue that needs addressing.

He said, “Gloucestershire is one of the few areas where crime is falling and yet almost four out of every ten people living in rural areas are worried about becoming a victim of crime compared with half that number nationally.


The mounted section will also be in attendance from 4pm

“That can have a detrimental effect on peoples’ day to day lives and I know the Chief Constable is keen to do more to reassure the public”.

Staunton is the first of a series of roadshow-style visits around the county where the public will have the chance to meet the PCC and find out more about how neighbourhood policing fits into his overall strategy.