Commissioners Fund Evaluation

One of the unique powers of the current Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) is being able to award community grants that will support safer communities and reduce crime.

PCC Martin Surl introduced the Commissioner’s Fund shortly after his election in November 2012. The fund is available to communities across Gloucestershire to support projects or initiatives that will help deliver one or more of the six priorities within the Police and Crime Plan.

In order to evaluate the success of the fund we commissioned an independent review of the fund and the impact it has had. In 2015 the City Forum, an independent organisation of public policy analysts, completed a review.

The following Terms of Reference were followed:

  1. A process evaluation of the rationale, implementation and delivery of the Commissioners’ Fund programme [taking into account the views of staff and successful and unsuccessful applicants and other key stakeholders].
  2. An impact evaluation of the projects supported by the Commissioners’ Fund, how well they link the PCC’s six key priorities and the value delivered to the community.

You can download the full report here

The Commissioner’s Fund

Here in Gloucestershire, PCC Martin Surl allocates 1% of the overall policing budget to the Commissioner’s Fund, which supports county-based projects that deliver one or more of our priorities. Our aim is to work directly with communities to make Gloucestershire safer.

About the fund

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