Name of Organisation: Sanctuary Scheme

Service Description:

Safe Partnership are recognised as being the lead provider of Safe Rooms and Sanctuary installations.  A Sanctuary/ safe room’s primary aim is to protect victims of domestic abuse, who no longer live with the perpetrator, by installing appropriate security measures to empower them with the choice of being able to remain in their homes and not having to break with their established local social roots. General home security is enhanced by fitting extra locks and bolts on doors and windows. In addition, if the risk assessment dictates, a Sanctuary Safe Room can be installed providing the family with a place of safety from where they can call for help and wait for the arrival of the emergency services.

Contract Length: Awarded for 3 years and supported until 2021 (the end of the current PCC’s term of office).

Victims we are able to offer support to:

Sanctuary rooms are offered on a case by case basis and often as a last resort when other safety measures have been put in place. A Sanctuary room can only be authorised once an appropriate risk assessment has taken place and the threshold has been met to warrant its installation. Please note that anyone wishing to access this service must be known to the referring body (GDASS).

How to make a referral?:

Referrals to this service can only be made via Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS).

Phone: 01452 726570 or Email: