The Government has today confirmed how much funding it is allocating to each police force through the Police Settlement.

Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Nelson said, “There is always a great deal of speculation but now that we have received in detail the settlement we are receiving from Government, the Chief Constable and I, and our chief finance officers, can start planning, knowing exactly how much we have to spend and what we might have to ask householders to contribute in order to deliver the services they rightly expect.

The Government uplift programme has already enabled the Constabulary to recruit some of the extra officers and staff I promised in my election campaign and I am keen to reach those targets as quickly as possible.

However, the cost of policing in Gloucestershire is now divided almost 50/50 between Central Government and local taxation. So whilst I am keen to see to reach those objectives as quickly as possible, I must also take into account people’s ability and willingness to contribute through their council tax.

Setting the budget is one of my main responsibilities and one I take very seriously. That is why I will be launching a countywide consultation programme with householders early in the New Year before presenting detailed proposals to the Police and Crime Panel in February.

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