• Gloucestershire will receive a further £119,009 from the Ministry of Justice to support victims and survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence in Gloucestershire.
  • This is in addition to the £597,950 awarded earlier this month to fund seven new roles in this area.
  • The money was secured by the Commissioning Team within the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire.
  • The pot will be split between a range of charities and organisations in the county to best support victims and survivors.

Even more support will soon be available to victims and survivors of sexual violence and domestic violence in Gloucestershire, thanks to funding secured by Gloucestershire’s OPCC.

The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that Gloucestershire will receive £119,009 in total, with £70,763 secured to support domestic abuse and £48,246 for sexual violence projects in Gloucestershire.

This funding is in addition to £598,950 of investment announced earlier in May 2021.

As part of the process, the team carried out needs assessments for each of Gloucestershire’s relevant support services. The process has secured funding for Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS); Gloucestershire Counselling Service (GCS); Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Assault Centre (GRASAC); Nelson Trust; Teens in Crisis; West Mercia Women’s Aid (Which runs Street Gloucestershire); and Restorative Gloucestershire.

Kirsten Fruin, OPCC Commissioning Manager, said: “We’re delighted to have secured further funding to support domestic abuse and sexual violence support in Gloucestershire. 2020 was a tough year for many families who were not safe at home, so this additional support is incredibly important.

“I’m glad the MoJ recognised the the county’s need. This money will fund a range of services for both adults and young people, including those with complex needs.”

Full details of the funding and how it will be allocated are listed in the table below.

Name of organisation Victim service provided

Domestic Abuse or Sexual Violence (if the organisation provides both SV and DA services please specify which service is being funded)

What is the total funding being requested? Brief overview of what funding has been awarded for?

(example staff, training, counselling, laptops etc)

GDASS Domestic Abuse £23,163.00 Group work provision
Gloucestershire Counselling Service Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence £15,900.00 Counselling adults
GRASAC Sexual Violence £24,626.00 support for specialist support workers/education and training
Nelson Trust Domestic Abuse £10,000.00 Part time worker – supporting women facing multiple, complex needs who need holistic support
Teens in Crisis Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence £24,570.00 Counselling young people 13- 19 years
WMWA Street Domestic Abuse £18,850.00 Support worker for young people
Restorative Gloucestershire Sexual Violence £1,900.00 Training for SV complex needs

 Gloucestershire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner, Chris Nelson said: “I can’t begin to imagine how frightening the last year was for people who didn’t feel safe at home. While cases involving domestic abuse and sexual violence are often under-reported, I want to ensure support is available for people when they do feel ready to report their experiences.

“I’m pleased my office has been able to secure this government funding for seven worthwhile organisations in the county. I’m sure their important work will make a real difference to the lives of victims and survivors in Gloucestershire.”