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Martin Surl

Police & Crime Commissioner

I  was elected as Gloucestershire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner in November 2012. My role is to tackle crime and to improve community safety in an efficient and effective way. While...
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august, 2014

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Service of commemoration to mark the centenary of the first world war

Gloucestershire’s Police and Crime Plan

The Police and Crime Plan

The Police and Crime plan has been developed and sets out my priorities and how they will be delivered over the next four years. My Police and Crime Plan aims to be a crime reduction strategy for all criminal justice agencies in Gloucestershire – the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the courts and the Probation Service. I want to see the community and voluntary sector take its place as an equal partner with statutory bodies.

Your role, as members of Gloucestershire’s communities is really important because public participation is critical. The more we are all involved, the more likely we are to succeed.


The PCC’s Priorities for Gloucestershire

Accessibility and accountability

Accessibility and Accountability

Getting the right resources to the right situation or problem first time, every time, on time and dealing with the matter appropriately and effectively.


Older but not overlooked

Older but not overlooked

Older people need to feel and remain an active part of our communities whether they live in their own homes or are in residential care. 


Young people becoming adults

Young people becoming adults

We need sensitive, relevant and effective policing to ensure our young people become law-abiding, productive members of society. 


Safe days and nights for all

Safe days and nights for all

Gloucestershire has a strong night-time economy but it needs to be better managed, with alcohol related crime and disorder being reduced. 


Safe and social driving

Safe and social driving

People should be able move around our communities in safety and with as much ease and convenience as possible.


Safer Cyber


To ensure Gloucestershire is safer as people, commerce and other organisations increasingly live, trade and work on-line.


  • “Contrary to popular perception, most young people can, with help, become pro-active citizens who support themselves and contribute to their local community. We are in a time when the regular youth clubs have long closed down. This grant will enable us to continue providing activities for hundreds of young people every day of the week”

    Imran Atcha, GymNation Co-ordinator
  • “We really cannot express our gratitude for the opportunity that has led him on this remarkable path. Above all else it taught him that the impossible is possible. It just takes determination and self belief”.

    Outward Bound
    Jordan’s mum Christine Foley
  • "Before I came here I thought I wouldn’t have a chance of getting anywhere in life. I was unsocial, occasionally depressed and mostly miserable merely because of school. I will always be grateful to FRP because now I have the positivity and the confidence I needed to pick myself up and get somewhere in life”

    Furniture Recycling Project
    Furniture Recycling Project Learner
  •  “We started the project on a budget of £1,500 so the PCC’s support is very good news. Anything which supports local businesses and local clubs and helps young people stay out of trouble is a very worthwhile investment”

    Aston Project
    PC Lea Butcher
  • “Whenever there was anything wrong I knew that there was always someone at the Door I could talk to and get support. Now, thanks to the Police Commissioner I have a job there which means I can put something back by using my story to help others. It’s like a big family.”

    The Door
    Aisha Butler


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